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The Soul of Discretion

Soul Of Discretion

Written by Susan Hill – In the quiet cathedral city of Lafferton there are cries in the night. Children’s cries. Odd incidents come to light, and before too long the authorities realise that they have the nightmare of child abuse going on around them. Eventually the professionals wake up to what is going on, and[...]

Factory Town


Written by Jon Bassoff — Author Jon Bassoff is well known on the pulp scene as the founder of indie publisher New Pulp Press, though he’s recently sold the firm. Anyone familiar with their releases will not expect Bassoff to stick rigidly to genre conventions. Indeed, Factory Town walks the line between horror and crime in a[...]

Critical Mass


Written by Sara Paretsky – As all die-hard crime fiction fans know, some of the world’s best-selling authors aren’t happy unless they churn out book after book in a series featuring a recurring central character. After a while, some of those characters begin to feel like friends. Sadly, others get lost in increasingly diluted story[...]

Silence the Dead

Silence TheDead

Written by Jack Fredrickson – Author Jack Fredrickson is based in Chicago, and has written four crime thrillers featuring a down-and-out Windy City investigator called Dek Elstrom. This is a standalone story, but still set in Illinois. Silence the Dead begins in 1982 in the little town of Grand Point. The simple but voluptuous teenager Betty Jo Dean is[...]

Classics in September 2014 – a recap

White Cottage

Well, we hope you enjoyed our month of classic crime fiction as much as we did. During September, we’ve looked at some incredible old crime books that deserve your attention even today in 2014. From Frederick Forsyth’s multi-award winning The Day of the Jackal, through to some lesser known classics like The Quiller Memorandum and[...]

CIS: The Amazing Test Match Crime


Written by Adrian Alington – Adrian Alington’s break in publishing came during World War I when a fellow officer, who happened to be a partner at Chatto & Windus, asked him to write a novel having seen a satirical play Alington wrote for the troops. The knack for humour stayed with him and The Amazing[...]

A Last Act of Charity

A Last Act Of Charity

Written by Frank Westworth – JJ Stoner was a special forces soldier. He is now a freelance investigator who knows how to kill men without shedding a tear or suffering any flicker of conscience. His most regular employer is a government spook known only as The Hard Man, who uses JJ to tidy up messes which the[...]

CIS: Classics by Bloomsbury Reader part 2

The Deadly Joker

Earlier this month we looked at the five new digital reprints of classic British crime fiction, brought to you by Bloomsbury Reader our sponsor for this year’s Classsics in September. This digital imprint specialises in classic crime titles, some of which have been out of print for years. As ebooks, they’re a great introduction to[...]



Written by Gerard Brennan — Lydia Gallagher is the agent for star footballer Rory Cullen, recently transferred for a record fee from Chelsea to Manchester United. She and her family are over in Belfast, Cullen’s home town, following the release of his controversial autobiography. But her husband John and 12-year-old-son Mattie are taken hostage by a gang[...]

The Boy That Never Was


Written by Karen Perry — Harry and Robyn are a young Irish couple who, together with their toddler son Dillon, enjoy a perfectly care free life in Tangiers. They live in the moment, concerned mainly with capturing the beauty of the Moroccan sunset on canvas. They share their existence with a circle of free living locals who move in[...]

The Corpse with the Platinum Hair


Written by Cathy Ace — Canadian crime fiction writers are having their well-deserved moment in the sun just before the long winter sets in. Louise Penny, Peter Robinson and Linwood Barclay are merely the best known of a very diverse and entertaining group of crime writers. Not all of the stories are set in Canada,[...]

Martini Regrets

Martini Regrets

Written by Phyllis Smallman – Her CV might describe her as owner of the Sunset Bar in Jacaranda, Florida, but in truth Sherri Travis is a woman who has made a career out of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Martini Nights is Sherri’s sixth appearance, and once more, she is up[...]


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