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Scratch the Surface


Written by Josh K Stevens — Midwest gangster Deuce Walsh is having a bad day. He woke up beaten and with a gun shot wound, in an abandoned factory on the edge of town. The two men he’s just killed weren’t goons for the Chianti brothers coming to finish the job their bosses started, but two innocent[…]

Sherlock Holmes and the Eye of Mad Bear


Written by John Elvin — Every so often crime fiction lovers stage that old debate – should the famous characters of the genre be laid to rest with their authors when they pass on, or can we allow other writers to take them up and give them new mysteries to solve? John Elvin is clearly in[…]



Written by Emma Kavanagh — 2015 is looking like the year of the psychological thriller, with a string of new novels giving crime fiction lovers a view deep into the hearts and minds of criminals and cops alike. Our latest list of Recommended books (right) includes several psychological thrillers by female British authors. Could Welsh writer Emma Kavanagh’s latest, Hidden,[…]

The Lie


Written by CL Taylor — There are so many crime fiction book series these days that it’s refreshing to come across an author who likes writing one-off psychological thrillers. The Lie is CL Taylor’s second novel, and is a book that will grab you from the very first sentence, never letting go until the final full stop. Normal life[…]

Attica Locke talks about Pleasantville


After The Cutting Season and Black Water Rising, African-American author Attica Locke returned to the crime bookshelves earlier this month with the release of Pleasantville. We’ve been sent a short video with the author, where she talks about her writing. It might surprise you to find out that Pleasantville is a real neighbourhood in Texas,[…]

Child 44


Written by Tom Rob Smith — First published in 2008, Child 44 put Tim Rob Smith on the map as an author of taut, gritty crime fiction. Like Gorky Part, it used Soviet Russia as its backdrop – with all the nuances of communist justice. Also like Gorky Park it’s now been adapted for film, with Tom Hardy,[…]

Double Mortice


Written by Bill Daly — Double Mortice is the much anticipated sequel to the gritty Glasgow procedural Black Mail, and sees the return of long-in-the-tooth DCI Charlie Anderson, still one step away from retirement. It’s a compelling tale that shows us Glasgow’s face of affluent gentility as well as the violent underbelly of a modern city. Michael Gibson[…]

Latin American crime fiction: 10 authors to try


From Mexico all the way down to Tierra del Fuego, Latin America is a diverse region. However, it’s fair to say that most of its countries have two things in common. One, a troubled history, and two, a distrust of the police. So it’s no surprise that crime fiction does not have a lengthy tradition in this part[…]

The Father


Written by Tom O Keenan — Sean Rooney is as much of a mess it’s possible for a person to be. That he’s not a corpse is a miracle in itself. He used to be a forensic profiler, but a life pursuing psychopathic killers took its toll and he quietly retired. Now he’s trying to drink[…]

A classic revisited: Heed the Thunder


Jim Thompson’s second novel Heed the Thunder is a sprawling, multi-generational epic following the descent of the Fargo clan at the turn of the 19th century. Although not a noir in the strictest sense, its ominous style and cruel but sympathetic characters show clear signs of the pessimistic pulp fiction Thompson was later known for.[…]

Time of Death

Time of Death

Written by Mark Billingham — Crime fiction’s grumpiest copper is back. DI Tom Thorne has recovered from his ordeal on the remote island of Bardsey (read our review of The Bones Beneath) and is enjoying some long overdue family time. With his partner, fellow officer Helen Weeks, he’s trying to make the best of the[…]

First look: The New Inspector Sejer novel


Today we got our hands on what looks to be some solid gold Nordic noir. Yes, Harvill Secker has sent us an early copy of The Drowned Boy, the latest by Norwegian writer Karin Fossum which is out 4 June. The cover is simple but enticing, with what looks to be a moody reflection of some[…]


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