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Written by Quentin Bates — What do you do if you’re a Scandibrit writer and you’re told that  Scandinavian crime stories always seem to take place in the winter months? Well, if you’re Quentin Bates, you decide to set your next book during the height of summer. That all too brief Icelandic summer, when temperatures soar to[…]

Death Sentence

Death Sentence

Written by Sheryl Browne — If, like in physics, there was a First Law of Crime Fiction, then it would state that all police detectives are cynical, misanthropic and have a tragic personal history. Sheryl Browne’s DI Matthew Adams – a young English copper working near London – ticks the boxes. Bullied as a child; an over-aspirational policeman father;[…]

Interview: Ragnar Jonasson


There has been quite a buzz building up about the young Icelandic author Ragnar Jonasson. The first of his novels to be translated into English, Snowblind, landed in the top 10 ebooks on Amazon, and went to the top of the Scandinavian crime fiction chart. It brings with it a unique blend of Golden Age stylings and[…]

Killer Plan


Written by Leigh Russell — In 2009, this Leigh Russell was shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey New Blood Dagger for Cut Short, the first book to feature DI Geraldine Steel. Killer Plan is number seven and I was looking forward to finally sampling a series which had hitherto passed me by. Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver and Peter[…]

The Invisible Man From Salem


Written by Christoffer Carlsson, translated by Michael Gallagher — Winner of the Swedish Crime Academy’s Best Crime Novel Award in 2013, The Invisible Man From Salem by Christoffer Carlsson is now available in the UK. The book introduces us to the world weary, disgraced Internal Affairs officer, Leo Junker. When a young woman is found murdered[…]

Lost Touch

Lost Touch

Written by David Terruso — Lina Colella has a gift. A gift that is both wonderful and terrible at the same time. By touching objects associated with murder victims, she can sense things about their deaths that are hidden from police experts. One day, she takes a telephone call from her sister Elise, who is[…]

The White Van


Written by Patrick Hoffman — This is a story about what happens when people get in way over their heads. The short answer is nothing good. And the long answer, unfolding in this page-turner of a thriller, involves all kinds of bad. At the center of the story is 31-year-old Emily Rosario, a down-on-her-luck San[…]



Written by Paul Finch — A former copper, journalist and screenwriter for The Bill, Paul Finch has had Kindles and Kobos buzzing with his DS Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg series. Stalkers, the first Heck book, boasts over 180,000 ebook sales so far. The second, Sacrifice, set records for pre-orders. Hunted is the fifth in the series, but the first[…]

The Star of Istanbul


Written by Robert Olen Butler — James Bond has had plenty of literary rivals, none of whom have quite measured up to the British spy, but Christopher Marlowe ‘Kit’ Cobb just might. The war correspondent turned Secret Service agent is American and he’s from an earlier era (this novel is set in 1915). Nevertheless, readers of[…]

And Sometimes I Wonder About You

And Sometimes

Written by Walter Mosley — New York PI Leonid Trotter McGill has a chaotic personal life. His wife is lying in a care home, broken and depressed as a result of years of mutual betrayal and infidelity. His brother is serving a life term in an Indiania prison. His son is out there, somewhere in[…]

Interview: Quentin Bates


Quentin Bates moved to Iceland at the end of the 1970s for a gap year which turned into a gap decade, merrily acquiring a new language, family and profession over there. As well as being a commercial fishing expert, he is the author of a series of crime novels featuring Officer Gunnhilder (Gunna) Gisladottir of the[…]

With Fury in Hand

With Fury In Hand

Written by Lee Thompson — Lee Thompson likes to place his noir stories in a family setting. In his debut crime novel, A Beautiful Madness, the author explored a family’s attempts to understand an uncharacteristic moment of violence perpetrated by their patriarch, a previously stable and upstanding man. It’s a book that made my top five books of 2014.[…]


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