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CIS: The Quiller Memorandum revisited


In 1965, writing under the pseudonym of Adam Hall, Elleston Trevor published a thriller which, like Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale before it, was to herald a change in the world of spy thrillers. The novel was titled The Berlin Memorandum and at its centre was the protagonist and faceless spy, Quiller. The setting is Cold War-divided Berlin where[...]

A Song from Dead Lips


Written by William Shaw – Crime writers are occasionally given to complaining about how technology has made life harder when it comes to plotting. Many Golden Age authors would certainly have been scuppered by mobile phones or CCTV. So, in theory, the historical crime novel should make life simpler. However, the judicious deployment of research[...]

CIS: The best of Ngaio Marsh

Death at the Dolphin

It might be because her name looks hard to pronounce – Ngaio is said nai-0h, though the Marsh part is easy enough. Or perhaps it’s her relatively small body of work – 32 novels is less than half Agatha Christie’s 66. Then again, maybe it’s her humble roots in remote New Zealand. However, of the[...]

The Good Life


Written by Frank Wheeler Jr – Earl Haack Jr’s father was a county sheriff in rural Nebraska for 30 years. He was feared and respected equally for the way he did his job. The justice might have come from his fists rather than the courthouse on occasion, but people understood he was fair, stuck to[...]

The Skeleton Road


Written by Val McDermid – If Agatha Christie is the queen of crime writing, then Val McDermid is surely her lady in waiting. She’s written 28 novels and has topped the bestseller list so many times that she deserves a free season ticket. McDermid is best known for her Wire in the Blood series, featuring[...]

CIS: The 20 greatest classic crime movies of all time


Part of the joy of reading a fantastic new crime novel is to later see it turned into a film. It’s happened just about since the dawn of cinema a century or so ago – if a book sells well, it’ll reach the big screen. You can then compare what you imagined as you read[...]

First look: The Rebus short stories


Readers can’t get enough of Edinburgh’s irascible detective, and on 9 October you’ll be able to get you hands on a new Rebus book. Author Ian Rankin’s latest is not a novel though, instead it’s a collection of 27 short stories that run in chronological order and follow Rebus’ activities in between the 19 novels,[...]

The Meating Room

The Meating Room

Written by TF Muir – St Andrews is headquarters of the Royal and Ancient and the home of golf. Obviously, it is a sedate, peaceful place where the only sound to be heard is the smacking of golf balls and the occasional muttered curse from someone stuck in a bunker. In short, St Andrews is[...]

CIS: Classics by Bloomsbury Reader part 1

An Oxford Tragedy

As you may already know, our month of classic crime here on Crime Fiction Lover comes to you with support from our sponsor, Bloomsbury Reader. This digital imprint specialises in classic crime titles, some of which have been out of print for years. These ebooks are much sought after by modern connoisseurs of Golden Age[...]

CIS: My classics by TJ Cooke


TJ Cooke’s Defending Elton was the legal thriller that proved to be so much more than just a legal thriller. Not only is the main character a lawyer – someone who altruistically defends the helpless and hapless – he’s also a killer. The book’s so original, we had to know what TJ’s influences are, as[...]

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter

Written by Elizabeth Little — Dear Daughter is one of those debut crime novels that arrives with the sort of buzz that guarantees it will get noticed in a busy period for major new titles. The blurbs from genre giants Kate Atkinson and Tana French suggest that Elizabeth Little may be the next big thing.[...]

The Monogram Murders


Written by Sophie Hannah — Have you ever had to step into someone else’s shoes? It’s tough trying to equal, or better, what came before, isn’t it? And when that someone else is the undisputed queen of crime, the legendary Dame Agatha Christie, then you would surely have to be crazy to take up the[...]


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