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New books with Bosch, Cross and Scarpetta

Hope To Die

On the Radar – Our headline might sound a little like a particularly voracious law firm, but any crime fiction fan worthy of the name will know that we are talking about Harry, Alex and Kay – three central characters who have notched up an amazing 61 titles between them. This is an exciting time of[...]

Dealing in seaweed

At Death's Window

On the Radar – It is to Jim Kelly that we owe our eccentric headline this week. In his upcoming release At Death’s Window, we’ll be treated to a scenario where drug dealers muscle in on the samphire market. Never before, to our knowledge, has an edible seaside plant lead to such death and destruction.[...]

Grisham takes us to Gray Mountain


On the Radar – This week’s biggest crime release comes from the pen of John Grisham who, as he normally does, puts a high flying lawyer in an unfamiliar situation and tests their moral grit. Of course, there’s a compelling storyline and backdrop to it as well. Gray Mountain is for lovers of legal thrillers.[...]

First look: Moriarty by Horowitz


Just the other day we posted a feature looking at the best Sherlock Holmes books that weren’t written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s almost as though we sent up a literary signal flare, because just like that a new book set in the Sherlock Holmes universe has arrived at CFL HQ. Moriarty by Anthony[...]

Are you ready for Hop-tu-naa?

Dark Tides

On the Radar – If our headline has you confused, Hop-ti-naa another word for Halloween – it’s the Manx version of that night of mischief and sweets. However, on the Isle of Man it’s linked all the way back to pagan lore. And more than that, British author Chris Ewan has made it the central[...]

The Soul of Discretion, and more…


On the Radar – Heading up our new releases this week is a new novel by Susan Hill. Sleep sweetly, though. She is not in scare-the-pants-off-you mode, but she is wearing her making-you-think hat, with another thought-provoking case for DCI Simon Serrailler in his cathedral city. More criminal intent is guaranteed with novels featuring a[...]

A different French connection

Murder On The Ile Sordou

On the Radar – No, there hasn’t been a re-issue of the great 1971 movie. Our French connection this week is via two new novels set in France, written by Frédérique Molay and ML Longworth. If French crime isn’t your tasse de thé, then how about a killer with exotic sexual habits, a stalker thriller, a rookie[...]

First look: The Rebus short stories


Readers can’t get enough of Edinburgh’s irascible detective, and on 9 October you’ll be able to get you hands on a new Rebus book. Author Ian Rankin’s latest is not a novel though, instead it’s a collection of 27 short stories that run in chronological order and follow Rebus’ activities in between the 19 novels,[...]

New James Ellroy out today!


On the Radar – There are some big beasts trampling around in the crime fiction jungle this week. If we flag up the names Ellroy, Kellerman, Coben and Mosse, that should be enough to persuade most readers to raid their wallets, but we also have a crime fiction debut by the respected political commentator Andrew[...]

First look: Poirot in The Monogram Murders


They say that print is dead. Well if that’s the case then death is beautiful. Minutes ago there was a thud on the welcome mat here at Crime Fiction Lover HQ and what a thud it was. Inside the envelope we found this gorgeous printing of The Monogram Murders. Due out on 9 September, the[...]

Val’s back – and so is Poirot

On the Radar – It’s a case of, ‘Please be upstanding and raise your glasses to the ladies,’ this week, as we look at a new Val McDermid, Sophie Hannah’s recreation of Poirot, and another nail-biting psychological drama from Ann Cleeves. And in addition to books by some of Britain’s top female authors, we’ve also[...]

WIN The White Cottage Mystery


Every Thursday during Classics in September, we’re offering you the chance to win a classic crime novel by Bloomsbury Reader. Head to our Facebook page today and you can enter to win The White Cottage Mystery by Margery Allingham. Our draw is open until midnight Pacific time today, 4 September 2014, and is open to[...]


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