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The Shut Eye, and more…

The Shut Eye

On the Radar – Top UK author Belinda Bauer is back with her latest – The Shut Eye – and we also have new releases from Clare Donoghue, and Costello and Richards. From cosy to psychological, from East End to France and Sweden, there’s something new for all crime fiction lovers this week. The Shut[…]

First look: Farrell and Kearns


Thriller author Sean Lynch has republished his book Wounded Prey, given it a dark and moody new cover. He is also to release three further books in the Farrell and Kearns series in the next month or so. Wounded Prey first came out through Exhibit A Books two years ago but has now had a bit of a[…]

But… aren’t you dead?

Death by Disguise

On the Radar – We’ll start this week with a book with lots of weird goings-on as Helen Goltz brings us a case of dead children apparently returning from the grave, along with comic book characters in a veritable costume mystery. Our new releases also include some historical crime fiction, an eco-thriller, a thriller set in[…]

Peter James voted best crime author


Brighton author Peter James has been chosen as the best crime author of all time in a poll run on WH Smith’s blog. The author of books such as Dead Simple, Looking Good Dead and Dead Man’s Time pipped other famous writers like James Patterson, Val McDermid and Ian Rankin to the title. The list,[…]

Books of Prey


On the Radar – It’s a week for deadly killers, and intrepid detectives to hunt them down. Let’s start off with the latest Jefferson Winter novel by James Carol, entitled Prey. We’ve also got an action-packed debut set in London, some historical crime fiction and a novelisation based on the US TV series Elementary. Let’s not forget[…]

First look: Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo


Back in 2013, we reported that Norwegian author Jo Nesbo was working on a new novel called Blood on Snow under the pseudonym Tom Johansen. Well, turns out he’s chosen to release the book under his own name after all, and a copy has arrived here at CFL HQ. Cue huge excitement because, as you[…]

Killer plants and Killer Reads

The Venus Trap

On the Radar – This week we bring you the latest book by Louise Voss, with a title that parallels the carnivorous Venus Fly Trap plant with the demeanour of her antagonist. We’ve also got the first in the Killer Reads series of ebooks from HarperCollins and a selection of murderous tomes that cover drownings, shootings,[…]

Is it the work of Satan?

Tell Tale

On the Radar – We’ve got a sensational headline for you this week because in our lead book DI Savage seems to be dealing with a satanic killer operating on those eerie crags of Dartmoor. Crime authors have also delivered a tale of obsession, cat and mouse games played with the police, and a Scottish anti-hero,[…]

Roy Grace makes theatrical debut


Crime-based drama has been packing them in to theatres worldwide for decades. However, while classics of the Agatha Christie ilk are common, it’s a little less usual for more contemporary novels to appear on the boards. Currently on a UK tour is a stage treatment of Dead Simple, adapted by Shaun McKenna from the hugely popular book[…]

Bullet Gal graphic novel


There seems to be no stopping Tokyo-based Australian pulp writer Andrez Bergen, the creator of such literary-graphical delicacies as Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat. His latest ongoing project is Bullet Gal, a comic series featuring a hard-as-nails heroine, and an assortment of strange cohorts such as one-eyed cop Bob Kahn and his partner Irv Forbush. They’re the[…]

Free books in February


Well, under Labour we had the credit crunch, and since then we’ve had five years of austerity under the ConDem coalition. We know things have been tight, tight, tight in the wallet department for hard working lovers of crime fiction. So we’re going to help you get through the austerity blues, and the tail end[…]

Fear, darkness and sin

Fear of the Dark

On the Radar – This week we have the welcome return of Inspector John Carlyle in another London-based police procedural, while there is also a hint of love in the air well ahead of 14 February with three novels by American ladies – Erica Spindler, Kendra Elliot and TR Ragan. Who can resist sweetening murder and[…]


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