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Silent night, deadly night

The Christmas KIller

On the Radar – The strap line for our first book – written by the appropriately named Jim Gallows – says it all this week. There will be no cessation of hostilities between the killers out there and the cops who chase them this Christmas. A plethora of crime authors and their publishers will see[…]

The Brits are coming


On the Radar – We have an exclusively British line-up this week, with one of our featured authors being born in Scotland, and another in Wales, while the rest are English. With the honourable exception of Kaye Furnivall’s book set in Italy, all the other books are firmly set in the UK. Sins of the[…]

Some light escapism?

The Escape

On the Radar – This week the prolific American author David Baldacci provides us with a mystery taking place in the US military which promises some fast-paced escapism. We’ve got historical crime fiction novels set in WWII, the Elizabethan court and Civil War America, plus a nice cosy by Simon Brett to cap it off.[…]

Two writers better than one?

Blue Labyrinth

On the Radar – Today we start with two books written by top crime writing duos. First up Preston and Child are back with their 14th Pendergast FBI story, and then it’s Evanovich and Goldberg whose heroine Kate O’Hare also happens to be an agent. After that we line up six more books and even[…]

Free book: ChooseThePlot


Ever been reading a book where the main character creeps up the stairs, and reaches for a door handle, knowing the killer is in the next room? Ever thought, ‘No way I’d do that!’? Well a new story has cropped up recently where the reader gets to choose what happens. When we were at the[…]

Brighton gothic

A Twist Of The Knife

On the Radar – In a collection of diverse short stories by Peter James we discover an even darker side to the Brighton author, and they include a tale featuring his famous detective Roy Grace. Inspector Montalbano is back as well, and so is Roberta Kray with a new London gangland thriller. Other books among[…]

The Crime Thriller Awards 2014 – the winners


Last night at London’s famous Grosvenor House on Park Lane, the great and the good of the crime fiction world were hosted by Specsavers, sponsor of the ITV Crime Thriller Awards. Celebrating crime television, film and books, the event saw three new inductees to the Crime Thriller Hall of Fame – Scottish author Denise Mina,[…]

New books with Bosch, Cross and Scarpetta

Hope To Die

On the Radar – Our headline might sound a little like a particularly voracious law firm, but any crime fiction fan worthy of the name will know that we are talking about Harry, Alex and Kay – three central characters who have notched up an amazing 61 titles between them. This is an exciting time of[…]

Dealing in seaweed

At Death's Window

On the Radar – It is to Jim Kelly that we owe our eccentric headline this week. In his upcoming release At Death’s Window, we’ll be treated to a scenario where drug dealers muscle in on the samphire market. Never before, to our knowledge, has an edible seaside plant lead to such death and destruction.[…]

Grisham takes us to Gray Mountain


On the Radar – This week’s biggest crime release comes from the pen of John Grisham who, as he normally does, puts a high flying lawyer in an unfamiliar situation and tests their moral grit. Of course, there’s a compelling storyline and backdrop to it as well. Gray Mountain is for lovers of legal thrillers.[…]

First look: Moriarty by Horowitz


Just the other day we posted a feature looking at the best Sherlock Holmes books that weren’t written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s almost as though we sent up a literary signal flare, because just like that a new book set in the Sherlock Holmes universe has arrived at CFL HQ. Moriarty by Anthony[…]

Are you ready for Hop-tu-naa?

Dark Tides

On the Radar – If our headline has you confused, Hop-ti-naa another word for Halloween – it’s the Manx version of that night of mischief and sweets. However, on the Isle of Man it’s linked all the way back to pagan lore. And more than that, British author Chris Ewan has made it the central[…]


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