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Kobo Emerging Writer Awards for mystery

Though it doesn’t have the muscle of Amazon, the Canadian company Kobo – which sells its digital ereaders as an alternative to the Kindle – is doing all it can to support crime writers in the Great White North. This year it launches the inaugural Kobo Emerging Writer Awards and the mystery shortlist is a great[…]

Campion’s champion, Tey’s away

London Rain

On the Radar — There are those who say we should bury the heroes of crime fiction with their authors, and others who contend that it’s simply no fun without new stories featuring Sherlock Holmes, or Lisbeth Salander for that matter. This week Margery Allingham is revived once again by contemporary author Mike Ripley. Equally interesting[…]

CWA Dagger shortlists 2015 announced


With CrimeFest 2015 in full swing in Bristol this weekend, the Crime Writer’s Association has announced shortlists for some of its annual Dagger awards. The big categories unveiled include the International Dagger and the Historical Dagger, which this year is sponsored by Endeavour Press. There’s also the fascinating Short Story Dagger – it’s a category[…]

You Are Dead, Murder Down Under, and more

You Are Dead

On the Radar — This week we start in Brighton with Peter James and his 11th Roy Grace novel, You Are Dead. Then, it’s an intercontinental flight all the way to Tasmania for a cosy mystery. In addition, we have a handful of books from the UK, a handful more by American authors, and a devilish cosy set in Tasmania.[…]

Horror x crime, and more…


On the Radar — The horror, the horror… Yes, and we’re not even talking about the UK General Election. Instead, this week we head up our new books column with two crime-horror crossovers. One is by Clive Barker, one of the biggest names on the horror scene, and the other by Saul Black, who also writes[…]

Short story collection: the crime authors of tomorrow


Martin Marriott. Julia Proud. Colin Shaw. These are just three of the names crowd funding publisher Britain’s Next Bestseller says we should take note of. They are among eight authors whose short stories have been chosen as winners following a writing competition run buy BNBS and Scriggler.com during December and January. They’re joined by Dean Edwards,[…]

Look who’s writing for us XV


Today we’re happy to welcome a new member to the Crime Fiction Lover team. Vicki Weisfeld is a literary expert based in Princeton, New Jersey and covers all sorts of books and audiobooks on her website all about writing, vweisfeld.com. Here on CFL, however, she’ll be focusing her energy on crime books and her favourite[…]

Investigating the death of Alan Turing

Fall of Man in Wilmslow

On the Radar — Our selection this week leads with a dramatic fictional account of the death of the celebrated mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing. Elsewhere, we have books where women are both victims and perps, there are drug couriers in supercharged cars, a crack KGB man turned vagrant, and a man with a decidedly gruesome occupation.[…]

The game’s afoot…


On the Radar –– Today’s new books column starts with a big release that Sherlock Holmes fans will lap up, and it features Holmes stories written by some of the biggest names in crime fiction. Also, we have Jeffery Deaver’s latest Kathryn Dance novel, a couple of books that tie in to World War II and[…]

Attica Locke talks about Pleasantville


After The Cutting Season and Black Water Rising, African-American author Attica Locke returned to the crime bookshelves earlier this month with the release of Pleasantville. We’ve been sent a short video with the author, where she talks about her writing. It might surprise you to find out that Pleasantville is a real neighbourhood in Texas,[…]

It’s all lies!

The Lie

On the Radar — Well, our headline today could be referring to the manifestos unveiled this week by Britain’s main political parties as we head towards the General Election, but actually what we’re pointing to is a hot new release by psychological crime fiction’s rising star, CL Taylor. Will her second novel, The Lie, prove as popular[…]

First look: The New Inspector Sejer novel


Today we got our hands on what looks to be some solid gold Nordic noir. Yes, Harvill Secker has sent us an early copy of The Drowned Boy, the latest by Norwegian writer Karin Fossum which is out 4 June. The cover is simple but enticing, with what looks to be a moody reflection of some[…]


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