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Jack Reacher gets Personal


On the Radar – Yes, this week we have the return of Reacher, but also some historical crime fiction, a crime-laden adventure in Mexico, the SAS and a monkey that’ll sever a jugular before you can say Crime Fiction Lover. Read on, and let us know which titles will be added to your pile… Personal[...]

First look: Erlendur begins…


If you’re one of the many lovers of Scandinavian crime fiction who was sorry to hear that Strange Shores brought an end to Arnaldur Indridason’s Detective Erlendur series, this should cheer you up. For what you see in the image above is an early copy of Reykjavik Nights, a new Elrendur mystery. Reykjavik Nights doesn’t[...]

Ladybird, ladybird…


On the Radar – The Las Vegas convention as a setting for murder has been used in more than one episode of CSI, but our lead book this week brings more unique inspiration to the table. Here we have a trade show dolly dressed as a ladybird and murdered in the hotel room of a[...]

Gollancz Fest 2014: Ben Aaronovitch


There are plenty of book events to visit in the UK and beyond (including Iceland Noir in November), but today publisher Gollancz took a bold step with its inaugural virtual festival featuring dozens of its authors on social media. And there was plenty of interest for crime lovers. The digital element of the Gollancz Festival[...]

First look: Missing by Sam Hawken


Oh, this is nice. Block foil bullets, rosary beads and handguns. A creepy dia de muertos skull configuration. Silhouettes, hearts and spades, illustrative flourishes and let’s not forget that tattoo-style Blackletter typeface for the book’s title. Once again Serpent’s Tail has done Sam Hawken proud with jacket art that seems perfect for a book set[...]

The Girl Next Door, the Duct Tape Killer, Invisible Streets and more…

The Girl Next Door

On the Radar – Over 50 years writing crime novels and Ruth Rendell is still going strong. This week sees the release of The Girl Next Door, a standalone mystery. In addition we have action thrillers, serial murderers and even a villain called the Duct Tape Killer. Nine new books have pinged on our radar[...]

First look: New Wallander novella

It’s been three years since The Troubled Man – the most recent Wallander novel – was released in English. Although we’ve recently had the third series of Wallander on TV here in the UK, readers of the series have had nothing to keep them going. Yes, there are other Scandinavian authors you can turn to[...]

The First Horseman

The First Horseman

Written by DK Wilson – 19 May, 1536. Tower Green, London. The sizeable crowd of wealthy merchants, noblemen and clergy falls silent. Then something between a sigh and a groan escapes the audience as the specially appointed French swordsman swings his blade and decapitates a young woman who until recently had been the wife of[...]

Win a book every Saturday with CFL


Head to our Facebook page on any given Saturday, and you can win a free book from the CFL library. Today (2 August 2014), for instance, you can win our advance copy of Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes, as well as an exclusive card signed by the author. And, it’s signed in silver ink, no[...]

A small shot of Reacher

Not A Drill

On the Radar – Ping… ping… ping… Ah, our radar has detected a new short story by Lee Child, so Reacher fans will be rejoicing. But also in the depths of the crime fiction ocean this week we’ve picked up a Gone Girl-alike, something featuring drugs mules, some dark looking German crime fiction and even[...]

The Weight of Blood


Written by Laura McHugh — Tragedy seems to follow at Lucy Dane’s heels. When she was a little girl Lucy’s beautiful young mother, Lila,¬†vanished after entering a cave known as Old Scratch near the town of Henbane, isolated¬†deep in the Ozark mountains. Residents of the area know everything about everyone and are suspicious of newcomers.[...]

Something more sinister


On the Radar – If you’re looking for dark tales of murder and mystery, you’ve come to the right place. This week, new additions to the crime fiction bookshelf include Graham Ison’s latest WWI-set Hardcastle novel, a futuristic tale by Dean Koontz, some new Scottish crime fiction, and more. You’ll even find one book in[...]


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