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Interview: Meghan Tifft


Meghan Tifft works in the English Department at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, and has extended her linguistic abilities by penning a new crime novel. The Long Fire comes out on 11 August and features an unusual character in smart-ass loner Natalie Krupin. Beginning with a cryptic voicemail message, The Long Fire is[…]

First look: new from Finland


You know that we’re crazy about cold climate crime here on Crime Fiction Lover, and in 2013 I was lucky enough not only to visit Finland but to do so just as I was reviewing Antti Tuomainen’s first crime novel The Healer. It was an icy January and I was in my element. Good fortune[…]

A classic revisited: Cold Caller


Jason Starr’s 1997 debut is an acerbic story of white collar crime and a quarter-life crisis that brings new meaning to the term ‘dead-end job’. First picked up by the UK’s No Exit Press, the book’s publication marked the author as an exciting new voice in noir, and now, almost 20 years on, Cold Caller[…]

Interview: Arnaldur Indridason


Arnaldur Indridason’s excellent novel Strange Shores concluded with his main detective, Erlendur, out in the mountains of Eastern Iceland contemplating his own death and that of his younger brother who was lost in a blizzard when they were children. Though the ending is ambiguous, it does seem like final closure on a superb series which spans 11[…]

Harrogate memories 2015

Legendary Sara Paretsky signs books for fans.

The 2015 Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival has concluded in Harrogate, and as is the tradition here on Crime Fiction Lover, we’ve invited a guest correspondent to file a report from this very special event. Over the previous three years, we’ve had missives from Stav Sherez, Eva Dolan and Craig Robertson – all wonderful crime fiction[…]

First look: A new Tony Hill book by Val McDermid


While Val McDermid has written numerous standalone crime novels, as well as the Lindsay Gordon and Kate Brannigan series, it seems to be her Dr Tony Hill books that crime fiction lovers are most hooked on. And if you’re a fan of Hill and his counterpart DCI Carol Jordan, we’ve got some good news as you[…]

Zac Colbert: the five books that got me hooked on crime fiction


Stories save lives, I truly believe that. Being able to get lost in a world even if only for an hour, provides crucial respite from the harsh realities of real life. I discovered crime fiction in my mid-20s. After falling in love with the likes of Bret Easton Ellis and Hunter S Thompson when I[…]

Top five film noirs that are better than the books


It’s a controversial statement. Can films ever be better than the novels on which they’re based? Chuck Palahniuk famously said he preferred David Fincher’s Fight Club movie over his own book. But reading calls on us to use our imaginations and subsequently put ourselves into the story to a greater extent than watching a movie, therefore consumers often[…]

First look: the latest from Robotham, with treats


Michael Robotham’s new book has arrived at Crime Fiction Lover HQ and it’s come with a bundle of treats. For Daddy there’s booze, for Mummy there’s chocolate and for Teddy we’ve got a neat little flashlight to play with. But seriously, welcome as these extras are, it doesn’t take much to get us to review[…]

First look: Every Night I Dream of Hell

Every Night I Dream

Ever since Malcolm Mackay burst onto the scene with The Necessary Death Of Lewis Winter (2013), a new novel by the Stornaway writer has become a major crime fiction event. An early copy of the latest has arrived and I love the look of the new cover – suitably stark and uncompromising, suiting a writer to[…]

First look: So Nude, So Dead


What do you think of this front cover, painted by Greg Manchess? The artist is one of the finest when it comes to recreating that old school pulp style, and as he’s explained the odd viewing angle enabled him to strategically position a lightbulb to, just about, preserve some of this woman’s dignity. Even though[…]

Interview: Kat Clay


Australia’s Crime Factory has been on our radar for some time. Known for producing a quality fiction magazine, more recently the company’s series of indie novellas have really caught our attention. In the past we’ve reviewed both Freight by Ed Kurtz and Saint Homicide by Jake Hinkson, for instance. With Double Exposure, Kat Clay will be the first[…]


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