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Express train to death – Railways in crime fiction


One of this month’s big crime releases is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. And when you think about it, railways have often featured as a backdrop in crime fiction. Murder on the Orient Express is, perhaps, the archetypal Golden Age crime novel, after all. But why has train travel been such a[…]

When I was a runaway, by Peter May


On 15 January, Quercus is publishing Peter May’s latest book, Runaway. Well known for his Lewis trilogy – set in the Hebridean Islands – as well as his recent hit Entry Island which is set on an island in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada, Runaway is a standalone that… umm… really doesn’t feature any[…]

Readers’ choice: Your favourite crime novels of 2014

Sorrow Bound large

We apologise if you’re a bit ‘listed out’ after all our contributors revealed their top five crime novels of 2014 throughout December. However, we have one more compilation that we’d like to share with you. This one is based on how many times people visited reviews of books released during 2014 on our site. Using[…]

CrimeFictionLover: Top five books of 2014


It’s become a tradition here on Crime Fiction Lover for each of our contributors to nominate their five top novels as the year comes to a close. All my colleagues on the site have already posted their lists, which you can check out here, and so it’s my turn to think really, really, really hard[…]

DeathBecomesHer: Top five books of 2014

And She Was

Top five books of the year, said the boss – cue panic from this writer. It might be the third time I’ve completed the exercise but the job certainly doesn’t get any easier. Experience has taught me to keep a running list as the year moves along – and four of these five books ended up there[…]

Andre: Top five books of 2014

The Fever (Megan Abbott)

Re-issues have made up much of my reading this year, from the ambitious reprint project of the Maigret series (alongside the first English edition of Simenon’s startling psychological novel The Mahé Circle) to the scandalous 1980s PI debut from Julian Barnes’s alter ego Dan Kavanagh, and the 75th anniversary edition of Geoffrey Household’s relentless Rogue[…]

Rough Justice: Top five books of 2014


Trying to decipher trends that have arisen from the year just ended is always difficult. Though I read a lot, I don’t read everything by any means, and many good books might have escaped me. But what I can say is that there were many solid British efforts even if they didn’t make my final[…]

Spriteby: Top five books of 2014

Dandy Gilver

If anything I’ve been spoilt with the selection of books I’ve been able to read this year. Strangely for me, I’ve not read any Nordic noir. My diet has in the main consisted of historical crime fiction and some pretty terrific home-grown talent, making my top five selection none too easy. Having said that, I[…]

Interview: Brian Stoddart


Professor Brian Stoddart is a distinguished Australian academic who has been Vice Chancellor of Latrobe University, Victoria, and is a widely respected non-fiction author. He’s especially interested in the role of sport – and, in particular, cricket – in Australian culture. Now, he has turned his hand to crime fiction with two very well-received novels[…]

Raven: Top five books of 2014

The Dark Angel

Looking back over my crime reading of 2014 and compiling my top five, it suddenly occurred to me that my fascination with American and Scandinavian crime has been usurped. This year my selection consists entirely of French and Italian novels, and to be honest there were others from these countries that could quite easily have[…]

Marina Sofia: Top five books of 2014

The Long Way Home

2014 has been a year of discovering the joys of crossovers, or books which push the boundaries and extend the definition of crime fiction. Think Lauren Beukes’ Broken Monsters or Emily St John Mandel’s Station Eleven, with their mix of YA, horror, dystopia police and literary fiction. However my top books of the year veer[…]

Keith Nixon: Top five books of 2014


I read far too much, and 2014 has been no exception. As well as going back to old favourites I also like to find new authors too. It’s a special feeling when you read a book and immediately connect. And so this year’s top five reads are absolutely this mix of the old and the new. They’re[…]


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