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First look: Taking Pity


Number four in David Mark’s DS McAvoy series has landed on the doormat – and it is sporting a bleakly atmospheric cover photo for the UK market. Quite what the bleached animal skull featured on the US cover is supposed to convey, we’re not really sure. Don’t find many of those on the banks of the[…]

Interview: Don Winslow


We reckon that The Cartel by Don Winslow is going to be one of the books crime fiction lovers simply must read this summer, and we said as much in our previews of the hottest books of summer 2015. Arriving a decade after the critically acclaimed The Power of the Dog, it’s also one of the most eagerly[…]

Interview: Sarah Ward


Can you imagine the thrill Sarah Ward must have been feeling when her agents called up in May last year to say that Faber & Faber had bought the rights to her novel In Bitter Chill, as well as a second book? Well we caught up with Sarah in November at Iceland Noir and she was[…]

Vicki Weisfeld: The five books that got me hooked on crime fiction


Today, our contributor Vicki Weisfeld tells us how she got hooked on crime fiction. You can read what our other contributors have said here. Three big reasons account for my love of crime fiction: early exposure, constant reading, and better and better stories from the international crime- and thriller-writing elite. In the last decades, the[…]

First look: The Hanging Girl


On 3 September, the Danish author Carl Valdemar Jussi Henry Adler-Olsen will have as many of his Department Q books available in English as he has names. That’s right, because today Crime Fiction Lover was down at the Royal Mail delivery centre picking up a real brick of a book that wouldn’t fit through the[…]

NagaiSayonara: The five books that got me hooked on crime fiction

Mr Ripley

Two years ago, we asked all our contributors to think about the five books that got them hooked on crime fiction. You can see what everyone said here. But since 2013 we’ve had new joiners and their favourites haven’t been honoured. So we’re going to revive our ‘hooked on crime’ series and this week our Australian[…]

Previewed: The 15 big crime books to read this summer


The summer is a huge time for the publishers. There are so many working people around the world who can’t find the time year-round to satisfy their passion for crime fiction, but when they head off on their summer holidays they pack a pile of books – or a fully loaded Kindle – and kick[…]

The ultimate guide to Henning Mankell’s Wallander


Kurt Wallander, a detective in the small Swedish coastal town of Ystad, is a fiercely dedicated cop with a knack for reading crime scenes. His peculiar urkraft consists of making unconscious observations that nag him until they manifest in the nick of time for him to nab a murderer. The quintessential bloodhound, Wallander takes his cases home where, with his[…]

First look: new Erlendur novel Oblivion


It’s here! Yes, Oblivion seemed as though it would be a mysterious enigma for ages but we have a copy and we can confirm that it’s the second novel in the ‘early Erlendur’ series by Arnaldur Indridason to be translated into English. It follows on from Reykjavik Nights, but The Great Match, the first of the[…]

Interview: Ragnar Jonasson


There has been quite a buzz building up about the young Icelandic author Ragnar Jonasson. The first of his novels to be translated into English, Snowblind, landed in the top 10 ebooks on Amazon, and went to the top of the Scandinavian crime fiction chart. It brings with it a unique blend of Golden Age stylings and[…]

Interview: Quentin Bates


Quentin Bates moved to Iceland at the end of the 1970s for a gap year which turned into a gap decade, merrily acquiring a new language, family and profession over there. As well as being a commercial fishing expert, he is the author of a series of crime novels featuring Officer Gunnhilder (Gunna) Gisladottir of the[…]

The best things about CrimeFest 2015


With its ancient port, the city of Bristol in the West of England used to welcome merchants from all around the world. They came to trade trinkets, wool, corn and cotton and even people. Those days are long gone, but this weekend the city was inviting visitors from around the globe once again, and they came[…]


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