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Welcome to New Talent November 2014

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There’s nothing like discovering a new voice on the crime fiction scene, is there? That’s why each November, our team aims to bring  you some of the year’s hottest new talent. We don’t only look at writers that have come through the traditional publishing stables either. During New Talent November, we feature debuts and second[...]

The Crime Thriller Awards 2014 – the winners


Last night at London’s famous Grosvenor House on Park Lane, the great and the good of the crime fiction world were hosted by Specsavers, sponsor of the ITV Crime Thriller Awards. Celebrating crime television, film and books, the event saw three new inductees to the Crime Thriller Hall of Fame – Scottish author Denise Mina,[...]

Interview: Steven Saylor


Steven Saylor is the author of the highly successful Roma Sub Rosa series of historical fiction novels set in Republican Rome at the time of some of the largest figures in ancient history – Cicero, Julius Caesar, Pompey and Crassus. The protagonist is Gordianus, who is a ‘Finder’ – someone who investigates crimes. He works with[...]

Interview: Chris Ewan


Halloween is almost upon us and if you’re looking for a bleak and suspenseful crime fiction treat, Dark Tides is one that doesn’t miss a trick. Written by Chris Ewan, it’s set on the Isle of Man and is about six friends who like to pull pranks on Hop-tu-naa – the Manx version of Halloween.[...]

The hottest crime books of summer 2014


Summer’s gone. It’s time to put on the thick socks, light the fire, and grab a crime novel as the shadows lengthen. If you happen to be looking for a good read, maybe we can help. Below we bring you the top 10 most popular book reviews on our site from July to December, 2014.[...]

First look: Moriarty by Horowitz


Just the other day we posted a feature looking at the best Sherlock Holmes books that weren’t written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s almost as though we sent up a literary signal flare, because just like that a new book set in the Sherlock Holmes universe has arrived at CFL HQ. Moriarty by Anthony[...]

Classics in September 2014 – a recap

White Cottage

Well, we hope you enjoyed our month of classic crime fiction as much as we did. During September, we’ve looked at some incredible old crime books that deserve your attention even today in 2014. From Frederick Forsyth’s multi-award winning The Day of the Jackal, through to some lesser known classics like The Quiller Memorandum and[...]

CIS: Classics by Bloomsbury Reader part 2

The Deadly Joker

Earlier this month we looked at the five new digital reprints of classic British crime fiction, brought to you by Bloomsbury Reader our sponsor for this year’s Classsics in September. This digital imprint specialises in classic crime titles, some of which have been out of print for years. As ebooks, they’re a great introduction to[...]

CIS: Beyond Conan Doyle – The best of Sherlock Holmes


The Sherlock Holmes canon – those stories that were written by Arthur Conan Doyle himself – is composed of 56 short stories and four novels. There is enough material there to give people hundreds of hours of enjoyment – indeed they have been doing so for more than a century, and will most certainly continue[...]

CIS: Josephine Tey as author and protagonist


Back in the 1930s and 40s, Josephine Tey was one of the UK’s most celebrated playwrights and novelists. How times change. Nowadays it’s dedicated aficionados of Golden Age detective fiction who read her, and often only a couple of novels. Yet at least one of these, The Daughter of Time, is regularly found on lists[...]

CIS: My classics by Arne Dahl


When Swedish literary author Jan Arnald writes crime fiction, he uses the name Arne Dahl. His books about Stockholm’s Intercrime Squad – such as The Blinded Man, Bad Blood and To the Top of the Mountain – are being translated into English and gaining plenty of acclaim for their intense plot lines and interesting characters. The stories[...]

CIS: Books to Die For


Whether it’s Golden Age giants or great lost novels, there’s always another crime classic waiting to be discovered. If Classics in September has opened your eyes to this diverse literary canon, then there’s a new edition of an ambitious book that provides an indispensable insight into the art of crime writing and truly inspirational authors.[...]


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