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The Innocent

The Innocent

Written by Taylor Stevens — Taylor Stevens has a remarkable insider view of religious cults. She was herself raised in the Children of God cult, moved all around the globe, denied basic education, and sent to beg on the streets by cult leaders. When she finally broke free of the movement, she took symbolic revenge[...]

The Corners of the Globe

Corners of the Globe

Written by Robert Goddard – James ‘Max’ Maxsted is a former RAF pilot who had successfully battled the Germans in the skies above the Western Front. In the first book in this trilogy, The Ways of the World, Maxsted traded the RAF for the intrigue of 1919 Paris, where he tried to find out the[...]

Eyes on You


Written by Kate White — Robin Trainer is ecstatic at the success of her new book, and she loves her even newer job as a host of a nightly entertainment show too. Success hasn’t come easy to Robin, though, and while navigating the ins and outs of the TV biz is what she does best,[...]

Mr Mercedes


Written by Stephen King — Suspense has always been Stephen King’s stock-in-trade, but he’s increasingly turning to crime too. The much-admired Joyland was published last year in the Hard Case Crime series, and his latest book more than lives up to the publisher’s description of a riveting mystery thriller. This prolific author has been back[...]

A Dark and Twisted Tide

Written by Sharon Bolton – That there London. It has featured in films, telly shows, songs and, of course, crime novels. But whether you see the place as a bustling metropolis or smelly, overpriced and somewhere south of Watford Gap, I doubt you’ve ever given much thought to the possibility of finding mermaids in the[...]

The Weight of Blood


Written by Laura McHugh — Tragedy seems to follow at Lucy Dane’s heels. When she was a little girl Lucy’s beautiful young mother, Lila, vanished after entering a cave known as Old Scratch near the town of Henbane, isolated deep in the Ozark mountains. Residents of the area know everything about everyone and are suspicious of newcomers.[...]

Broken Monsters


Written by Lauren Beukes — Detroit always has the potential to be a compelling backdrop to a crime novel, and in the hands of the wildly inventive Lauren Beukes this decaying city becomes a bad dream. The South African writer made her name with science fiction novels – smart cyberpunk debut Moxyland and the Arthur[...]

The Visitors


Written by Simon Sylvester – Prepare to be haunted, entranced and intrigued by a debut novel that is anything but run of the mill. Set on the fictional Scottish isle of Bancree, The Visitors is a heady mix of myth and modern life, with a plot that ebbs and flows like the waves that surround[...]

To the Top of the Mountain

Arne Dahl

Written by Arne Dahl, translated by Alice Menzies — Crime readers have to get used to time lags in English translations, but you suspect some devoted fans of Arne Dahl have decided to learn Swedish rather than wait for the UK publisher to catch up. To the Top of the Mountain is the third book[...]

A Morbid Habit

A Morbid Habit

Written by Annie Hauxwell – If you had to create a check-list for a spy fiction heroine, then Catherine Berlin would not tick many boxes. Let’s try: Young and glamorous? No, she shows all of her 57 years, and looks slightly the worse for wear. High profile job? Sorry. She’s out of work, having been[...]

Artefacts of the Dead


Written by Tony Black – He is probably best known as the author of the acclaimed Gus Drury thrillers, set in the mean streets of Edinburgh, but Tony Black has turned his sights to a much less likely setting for Artefacts of the Dead. That setting is the sleepy seaside town of Ayr, where the[...]

A Man’s Head


Written by Georges Simenon, translated by David Coward – Having accrued an incomplete collection of dog-eared, yellowed and slightly foxed editions of Simenon’s Maigret novels by scavenging second hand bookshops, Penguin’s project to reprint all 75 of them was music to my ears. This set is being translated afresh by the likes of David Bellos,[...]


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