CIS: William Boyd on James Bond

Sixty-one years after his creation, James Bond lives on through the films starring Daniel Craig, and the enduringly popular books by Ian Fleming. However, a select band of authors have also been working to carry on the spy’s story, including Kingsley Amis (Colonel Sun, 1968),…
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On the Radar: A drop of the black stuff

Welcome back to our weekly news column where, today, historical crime fiction rules the roost. Leonora Nattrass’ Black Drop sounds intriguing and even more so when you find out what ‘black drop’ actually is. But if the late 18th century isn’t your thing, we’ve got…
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The Budapest Escape

Written by Bill Rapp — Former diplomat and US Government analyst Bill Rapp has brought his wealth of experience and research skills to bear in The Budapest Escape, third in a series of Cold War thrillers. The novel is set in Vienna and Budapest in…
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Ungentlemanly Warfare

Written by Howard Linskey — When the assassination of the scientist behind Hitler’s miracle jet fighter is ordered, there is only one man who can do the job – burned out soldier, spy and, not quite a gentleman, Captain Harry Walsh. He’s ruthless and damaged…
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