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CrimeFictionLover: Top five books of 2013


Well, all my excellent colleagues here at Crime Fiction Lover have weighed in with their favourite books of 2013, and one thing I love about it is that everybody’s tastes and ranges of reading are so different. Now it’s my turn and, well, the choices are all ones you won’t see in any of the[…]

DeathBecomesHer: Top five books of 2013


It’s been a vintage year for crime fiction, and I’ve been lucky enough to pass judgment over a veritable constellation of five star books in the past 12 months. Which makes it so very hard to come up with just five picks. I’ll start with some books that nearly made it: The October List by Jeffery[…]

Andre: Top five books of 2013


Setting is hugely important to a crime story and my favourite novels took in Oslo, Cardiff, Istanbul, Baghdad, Edinburgh and Devon. Yet it’s an entirely Anglo-centric list of authors; where is the Scandinavian, French and Italian crime-writing contingent? I’ve always been a fan of translated fiction, so perhaps it was simply a very good year[…]

Lucy: Top five books of 2013


2013 has been a great year for crime fiction with some excellent new talent coming onto the scene. Because of this I found it particularly difficult to pick my favourite crime books of the year. All five on my list have enough quality to be number one, so it was even more difficult to rank[…]

Jeremy Megraw: Top five books of 2013


OK, so you’ve decided to give the gift of crime this holiday. Blood-splattered wrapping paper, check. Crime scene tape ribbon, check. All that’s lacking is a choice selection of books that your noir-loving loved one can hunker down with for a good holiday read. Well, CFL has got you covered. This year we’ve waded through[…]

MarinaSofia: Top five books of 2013


Over the last year I’ve read many good crime books – even a few excellent ones – but my final choice for the top five surprised me. They aren’t all books that I’ve awarded an enthusiastic five stars. They weren’t all necessarily my ‘type’ of book, if I can say such a thing. Only two[…]

RoughJustice: Top five books of 2013


For every great book that receives attention on a list like this, another two or three miss out. Tom Piccirilli (The Last Whisper in the Dark) and Jake Hinkson (The Posthumous Man) just miss out for the second year in a row, while Brother Kemal was a wonderful final novel by the late Jakob Arjouni.[…]

Spriteby: Top five books of 2013


2013 has been quite a year for catching up with the latest exploits of several old favourites, and making the acquaintance of one or two new detectives and authors who have entered the crime fiction genre over the last 12 months. My crime fiction year has had a particularly historical flavour to it, with only[…]

DavidPrestidge: Top five books of 2013


As the year comes to a close, each of our writers will be revealing their five favourite crime novels of 2013. This December, we start with our stalwart writer and site administrator DavidPrestidge… Rather like ever-escalating grades in school exams, it seems that every crop of crime books in a 12 month period is better[…]