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Dark Branches


Written by Nik Frobenius, translated by Frank Stewart — Nik Frobenius wrote the screenplay for Insomnia, a 1997 film in which a Swedish police detective investigating the murder of young girl in a small town in the far north of Norway begins to lose his grip on reality due to the 24 hour summertime sunlight.[…]

The Defenceless


Written by Kati Hiekkapelto, translated by David Hackston — There’s a new school of social critique creeping into crime fiction. When it’s done without sacrificing either characterisation or a good plot, it can make for very compelling reading. After Stav Sherez and Eva Dolan in the UK, Arnaldur Indridason and Anne Holt in Scandinavia, we now[…]

Murder DC


Written by Neely Tucker — Do you miss The Wire? Does the wait for the next George Pelecanos novel seem endless? Neely Tucker is a welcome find that will comfortably fill the void. His first thriller The Ways of the Dead featured veteran, war-scarred Washington reporter Sully Carter and was well received. Now the author builds on his growing reputation with Murder DC,[…]

Blood Salt Water


Written by Denise Mina — Alongside Ian Rankin and Val McDermid, the award-winning Denise Mina is one of the authorial voices who has helped shape Tartan noir over the last decade or so. A new book by her is always a cause for celebration and, unlike some crime series, her DI Alex Morrow will always keep you guessing. Take[…]

I Am Death


Written by Chris Carter — Having quickly established himself as a master of the serial killer thriller, Chris Carter reunites Detectives Robert Hunter and Carlos Garcia of the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division in his new book I Am Death. With Hunter going solo in the last book, An Evil Mind, it’s nice to see this cerebral Batman[…]

Aloysius Tempo

Aloysius Tempo

Written by Jason Johnson — Aloysius Tempo was brought up hard. His mother, uncertain of which side of the Irish political divide his father came from, abandoned him a few days after his birth. She left him beside a stream, his cradle a plastic beer crate. From that inauspicious entry into the world, things went[…]

Bull Mountain


Written by Brian Panowich — This atmospheric debut novel set in Georgia begins with an act of fratricide that apparently sets off a chain of violent events over the following decades. It’s 1949 and brothers Rye and Cooper Burroughs are arguing over a proposal to sell the struggling family’s logging rights on Bull Mountain. Cooper settles[…]

A Game for All the Family


Written by Sophie Hannah — Nobody does dark and twisted better than Sophie Hannah, but after an inroad into Agatha Christie territory with The Monogram Murders, she seems in no hurry to get back to her crime series featuring Charlie Zailer and Simon Waterhouse. In this contemporary standalone novel, Hannah has injected a lot of[…]

Speaking in Bones


Written by Kathy Reichs — Maybe it’s a sweeping generalisation, but women in crime novels tend to fall into two camps… They are cast as the victim, who may or not fight back and, more often than not, end up on the mortuary slab. Or, as the driven career girl going all out to make her name in the police force, as[…]

Life or Death


Written by Michael Robotham — Avid readers will relate to what I’m about to say: Sometimes, life just gets in the way. I mean, why waste time working, eating or sleeping when you’re in the thrall of a gripping book like Life or Death? Because believe me, this book snags you from the first page[…]

The Big Bitch

The Big Bitch

Written by John Patrick Lang — So, what is left of Jackson ‘Doc’ Holiday’s world, now that his multi-million dollar fraud scheme has collapsed around his ears? Well, there’s the Armani suits, Gucci loafers and handmade shirts, for starters. A total pariah in the legitimate financial world, what does he do? He becomes a San Francisco[…]

A Killing Moon


Written by Steven Dunne — It’s the end of term, Christmas is coming. Derby University student Caitlin Kinnear heads out for heavy night on the town before heading back to Ireland the next day for the break. But after leaving her friend in the bar she’d been propping up Caitlin doesn’t make it home. The trouble[…]


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