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A Line of Blood


Written by Ben McPherson – Tapping into the popularity of domestic noir thrillers, debut novelist Ben McPherson makes a brave move as a male writer dipping his toe into a mainly female market. A Line of Blood is told entirely from a father’s point of view. Alex Mercer, his American wife Millicent, and their young son Max, seem to[…]

Kolymsky Heights

Kolymsky Heights

Written by Lionel Davidson – Lionel Davidson and his thrillers have been unjustly neglected in recent years. He blazed a trail with articulate and complex international spy stories just before John Le Carre and Len Deighton achieved celebrity status. However, a few years ago Philip Pullman selected Davidson’s 1994 novel Kolymsky Heights for his Waterstone’s author table.[…]

The Case of the Dotty Dowager


Written by Cathy Ace – Cathy Ace has made a name for herself with her cosy mysteries set in foodie-heaven locations like the South of France, Canadian vineyards, Las Vegas and Mexico. The books in her The Corpse… series have all starred intrepid academic Cait Morgan and we’ve reviewed a few of them in the past. The[…]



Written by Jean-Patrick Manchette, translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith – It is not fashionable anymore to be a leftist writer of crime fiction. Yet there have been a few crime writers whose works we now consider to be classics who had left-leaning political convictions. Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo, Dashiel Hammett, Manuel Vazquez Montalban, Stieg Larsson, David Peace and Dominique Manotti[…]

Third Voice


Written by Cilla and Rolf Börjlind, translated by Hilary Parnfors — Spring Tide was one of our favourite debuts of 2014, and now the sequel has arrived. For the second book in their series, husband-and-wife writing duo Cilla and Rolf Börjlind were always going to face the challenge of how to incorporate the revelations in Spring Tide[…]

The Strings of Murder


Written by Oscar de Muriel – Although he works for Scotland Yard, Inspector Frey is shocked when he’s actually sent to Scotland by none other than Lord Salisbury, the prime minister, to look into the case of a murdered violinist. It’s a sensitive issue because the year is 1888 and the man was found with half[…]

Black Wood


Written by SJI Holliday – Deep, dark woods have been the stuff of gripping tales since Red Riding Hood was a lass, so the title of this book is surely enough to alert the reader before they’ve even opened the cover. Twenty-three years ago, in the little town of Banktoun, just a short bus ride away from Edinburgh, two young[…]

Ugly Bus


Written by Mike Thomas — Martin Finch is a newly promoted sergeant in the Specialist Territory Support Group (TSG), a small team of police who man a riot van and respond when there is public disorder. It’s Boxing Day and Martin, an idealistic copper following in his father’s footsteps, is about to meet his new TSG team, but[…]

Cookie’s Case

Cookie's Case

Written by Andy Siegel – Here in the UK, personal injury lawyers have the same enviable reputation for frankness, honesty and personal probity as estate agents, party politicians and sellers of miracle anti-ageing cream. Therefore it was with a touch of reluctance that I started to read a tale centred on one such New York[…]

The Traitor’s Mark

Traitors Mark

Written by DK Wilson — 1543 and Tudor England is a dangerous place to be. London has a plague, and elsewhere the English Reformation is creating intrigue and suspicion. In his prime Henry VIII threw off the papal yoke with the Dissolution of the Monasteries, but now he’s nearing the end of his life and is physically and[…]

The Jackdaw


Written by Luke Delaney – Ex-police officer Luke Delaney has carved out an enjoyable niche in British crime fiction with his DI Sean Corrigan. With his books being so influenced by his former career, Delaney’s reputation as an intuitive and informed writer is well deserved and, fourth in the series, The Jackdaw won’t disappoint lovers of[…]

Death Reveals All

Death Reveals All

Written by David Foster – It is London, late in 1940. A Royal Navy sailor, on the last night of his leave is having a quiet pint in a pub. His wife is in bed at home and their twin baby sons are tucked up in their cot in the cupboard under the stairs. When[…]


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