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Every Secret Thing

Every Secret Thing

Written by Christopher Bartley – Ross Duncan is not a good man. His CV is full of death and destruction. Banks robbed, lives cut short, violence meted out – all have their paragraphs. Look under the blankets in the trunk of his supercharged Dodge, and you will find an arsenal of guns and explosives sufficient[…]

His First His Second

Written by AD Davies – His First His Second is the self-published debut crime novel from AD Davies. Set in and around the Yorkshire city of Leeds, the book is an intriguing mix of police procedural and serial killer thriller, that will tease, involve and unnerve you. The story opens in chilling fashion as young[…]

Berlin Burning


Written by Damien Seaman – At the end of last year, Blasted Heath published Seaman’s debut novel, The Killing of Emma Gross, which introduced his Weimar Republic detectives Trautmann and Roth in a fictionalised retelling of the true crime mystery of the Vampire of Dusseldorf. It isn’t necessary to have read it in order to[…]

The Abrupt Physics of Dying


Written by Paul E Hardisty – Anyone who has traveled through the Arab world or knows a little Arabic will know the phrase in’shallah – God willing. It’s a catch-all phrase covering anything from the weather to your chances of making it through the night alive. And it’s a phrase that permeates The Abrupt Physics[…]

The Kill


Written by Jane Casey – It’s the time of year when parties abound, but there’s nothing worse than getting there after everyone else has had a few drinks and is infused with festive jollity, is there? I mention it because it’s a feeling I know intimately after reading this book. The Kill is the fifth[…]



Written by Rob Kitchin — Grant, a new arrival from England to Dublin, and his wheelchair-bound companion, Mary have a problem. Grant’s flatmate, Sinead, has gone missing from the house they share, only a bloody severed finger left in her place. There’s also a note addressed to Pat which says Sinead has been kidnapped, she’ll be[…]

Guns of Brixton


Written by Paul D Brazill – If you’re a regular visitor to the site may recall our review of A Case of Noir, an excellent serial novel by Paul D Brazill that we looked at in June. It was a collection of individual stories which could be read sequentially to tell a longer story. Paul[…]

My Soul to Take


Written by Yrsa Sigurdardottir, translated by Bernard Scudder and Anna Yates – Yes, it’s a little strange for us to review a book first released in English in 2010, but I read it to coincide with Iceland Noir where it was the focus of a tour, led by the author, to the Snaefellsnes peninsula where[…]

The Dying Place


Written by Luca Veste — The body of a known teenage troublemaker, Dean Hughes, is found dead on the steps of a church in a run down part of Liverpool. But this is no ordinary death, his corpse is covered with signs of torture, some of them months old. As DI David Murphy and DS[…]

Helsinki Homicide: Nothing but the Truth


Written by Jarkko Sipilä, translated by Peter Ylitalo Leppa – In the past ten years, the overwhelming success of Scandinavian crime fiction has seen Sweden, Denmark and Norway lead the way. Yet Finnish noir is still hard to come by, with just a few exceptions. Publisher Ice Cold Crime aims to rectify this deficit by[…]



Written by Philip Kerr — We all like an occasional break from our usual reading fare, and perhaps writers of long-standing series also feel the need to break out from their shackles, no matter how successful. Philip Kerr is much loved for his subtle, meticulously researched Bernie Gunther series set in war time Germany. This[…]

The Blood That Stains Your Hands

The Blood That Stains Your Hands

Written by Douglas Lindsay — DS Thomas Hutton returns in his third outing as the down at heel detective. He’s no longer trusted to undertake anything but menial duties such as finding out who graffiti-ed the public toilets. He’s out in the cold – until there’s a suicide. An old woman is found hanging from a bridge in a Glasgow[…]


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