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Black Mail


Written by Bill Daly – The first in a new series, Black Mail is a debut crime novel from Bill Daly and it’s set in contemporary Glasgow. Billed as twisty and atmospheric, the book introduces us to DCI Charlie Anderson. Long in the tooth and old fashioned in some ways, he knows the city inside[...]

The Book of You

Written by Claire Kendal – This is one of the most anticipated releases of the year so far, and to trail the release HarperCollins sent out slightly creepy little items to reviewers including a strange black rose. So I was itching to get inside its pages. But be careful what you wish for, because although[...]

The House of Dolls


Written by David Hewson — With his three novelisations of Danish sensation The Killing, British crime writer David Hewson has elevated the TV tie-in novel into a literary event. He’s even started a trend in crime adaptations that build on original television scripts: Erin Kelly is readying her take on Broadchurch for an August release.[...]



Written by Nic Pizzolatto – What would you do if you were bagman for a New Orleans kingpin and you found out you had lung cancer. And what if your boss started sleeping with your girl? He then sends you on a mission to shake down some loser across town, but tells you not to[...]

Missing You

Written by Harlan Coben – Harlan Coben has been a leading crime author since the mid-90s. His Myron Bolitar series captivated fans who love private detective stories while his standalone thrillers – like the superb Tell No One – have tended to look at everyday people in extra-ordinary situations. Usually these situations involve someone searching[...]

Dandy Gilver & A Deadly Measure of Brimstone

Dandy Gilver

Written by Catriona McPherson – The Dandy Gilver series first entered the historical crime arena back in July 2005 with After the Armistice. The book was set in Perthshire shortly after World War I as Britain moved into the 1920s and looked back on the devastation of the War. It was shortlisted for the CWA[...]

Spring Tide


Written by Cilla and Rolf Börjlind, translated by Rod Bradbury — Spring Tide is a first novel from a Swedish husband and wife writing duo that’s arrived with some fanfare. It’s been a hit in Sweden, is being translated for dozens of territories and is set to be a 10-part TV drama in 2015. Spring[...]

Death Can’t Take a Joke

Death Cant Take A Joke

Written by Anya Lipska – Act I, Scene 1 – Canary Wharf, a prime business district which has been redeveloped from the decaying former docklands of East London. A young policewoman is trying to enjoy an over-priced latte. There is a strange birdlike flurry of movement in her peripheral vision, followed by a massive thump.[...]

Thursday’s Children

Thursdays Children

Written by Nicci French — You know those magazine quizzes where they ask you to pick your favourite companions for a dinner party? Well, high on my list would be Frieda Klein, who has now featured in four Nicci French novels. I love Frieda because she is her own woman, someone who loves her work and[...]

The Son


Written by Jo Nesbo – Best known for his Harry Hole series, Jo Nesbo is Scandinavia’s pre-eminent crime author at the moment and the last couple of years have seen him branching out in all sorts of ways. He’s working on his own rendition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and we understand the Harry Hole book The[...]

Bryant & May – The Bleeding Heart


Written by Christopher Fowler – In this, the 11th Bryant & May novel, The Peculiar Crimes Unit has moved under the City of London’s jurisdiction and has a new head – the go-getting career woman Orion Banks. She doesn’t understand the PCU and sees it as a risk to her future, so Orion wants the Unit to solve[...]

The Facts of Life and Death


Written by Belinda Bauer – As its title suggests, Belinda Bauer’s latest book tackles some big themes amidst its grim plot about a serial killer in the West Country. The Facts of Life and Death is a coming-of-age story, an exploration of a troubled family and a pointed portrayal of an isolated North Devon community[...]