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Double Mortice


Written by Bill Daly – Double Mortice is the much anticipated sequel to the gritty Glasgow procedural Black Mail, and sees the return of long-in-the-tooth DCI Charlie Anderson, still one step away from retirement. It’s a compelling tale that shows us Glasgow’s face of affluent gentility as well as the violent underbelly of a modern city. Michael Gibson[…]

Time of Death

Time of Death

Written by Mark Billingham – Crime fiction’s grumpiest copper is back. DI Tom Thorne has recovered from his ordeal on the remote island of Bardsey (read our review of The Bones Beneath) and is enjoying some long overdue family time. With his partner, fellow officer Helen Weeks, he’s trying to make the best of the[…]

No Other Darkness


Written by Sarah Hilary – Two little boys huddle together in the darkness, the older boy trying his best to be brave for his younger brother. No toy-filled bedroom for these two; instead, they are in a small, bare box-like structure, lying on basic bedding, a bucket for a toilet and no windows to brighten[…]

Sleeping Dogs


Written by Thomas Mogford – Gibraltan lawyer Spike Sanguinetti is back for a fourth book in this series by Thomas Mogford. Following the violent events of the previous book, Hollow Mountain, Spike is in Corfu to meet up with his legal partner Peter Galliano. He’s taken his curmudgeonly father Rufus and his sometimes girlfriend detective Jessica Navarro with him.[…]

Thieves Fall Out


Written by Gore Vidal – Over the last few years Hard Case Crime has successfully unearthed some lost novels and re-introduced them with attractive throwback pulp covers. Novels such as The Comedy is Finished (written by Donald E Westlake), The Cocktail Waitress (James M Cain) and Grave Descend (Michael Crichton) have all proved popular with[…]

Dry Bones in the Valley


Written by Tom Bouman — This debut novel introduces Henry Farrell, a policeman in Wild Thyme, Pennsylvania. Despite the name of the township, the job should have been a quiet life with plenty of hunting and fishing for a man who is old beyond his years. A widower and former soldier who served in a peacekeeping[…]

A Song of Shadows


Written by John Connolly – Portland, Maine. PI Charlie Parker has narrowly survived a savage shotgun and pistol attack. After technically dying three times in the hours after the assault, he is now recuperating in a house in the isolated village of Boreas. Watching from a distance – and posing as security consultants – are[…]

Woman of the Dead


Written by Bernhard Aichner, translated by Anthea Bell – Placing the reader in a moral dilemma by asking them to empathise with a transgressive protagonist is something crime fiction has always done particularly well. As readers, we are asked to empathise with every type of criminal, from small time grifters to murderers, sociopaths and even[…]

Blood on Snow


Written by Jo Nesbo, translated by Neil Smith – Ever since the ambiguous ending of Police in 2013, Jo Nesbo’s fans have been waiting. Waiting, and wondering if there will be another Harry Hole thriller. The wait continues but in the meantime the Norwegian author, and flag bearer for Scandinavian crime fiction, has been doing his[…]

Into the Night

Into The Night

Written by Jake Woodhouse – When a corpse is found, minus its head and with both hands blowtorched to a crisp, Amsterdam cop Inspector Jaap Rykel realises he has something unusual to deal with. Even more disturbing is that the man’s mobile phone contains pictures of Rykel and his houseboat home. Meanwhile a homeless woman[…]

Hush Hush


Written by Laura Lippman — If you hadn’t been paying attention, it would be easy enough to miss the fact that Laura Lippman has written a series featuring private detective Tess Monaghan since the late 90s. In recent years, Lippman’s perhaps been better known for her standalone novels, including After I’m Gone, What the Dead Know[…]

Bryant & May – The Burning Man


Written by Christopher Fowler — London is a city under siege, its angry population taking to the streets to protest at yet another banking scandal which has spewed out onto an already jaded political landscape. In the run up to 5 November, Guy Fawkes Night, thousands of people spill out, their faces hidden behind masks. Violence erupts,[…]


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