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The Kill


Written by Jane Casey – It’s the time of year when parties abound, but there’s nothing worse than getting there after everyone else has had a few drinks and is infused with festive jollity, is there? I mention it because it’s a feeling I know intimately after reading this book. The Kill is the fifth[…]

My Soul to Take


Written by Yrsa Sigurdardottir, translated by Bernard Scudder and Anna Yates – Yes, it’s a little strange for us to review a book first released in English in 2010, but I read it to coincide with Iceland Noir where it was the focus of a tour, led by the author, to the Snaefellsnes peninsula where[…]

Helsinki Homicide: Nothing but the Truth


Written by Jarkko Sipilä, translated by Peter Ylitalo Leppa – In the past ten years, the overwhelming success of Scandinavian crime fiction has seen Sweden, Denmark and Norway lead the way. Yet Finnish noir is still hard to come by, with just a few exceptions. Publisher Ice Cold Crime aims to rectify this deficit by[…]



Written by Philip Kerr — We all like an occasional break from our usual reading fare, and perhaps writers of long-standing series also feel the need to break out from their shackles, no matter how successful. Philip Kerr is much loved for his subtle, meticulously researched Bernie Gunther series set in war time Germany. This[…]

The Blood That Stains Your Hands

The Blood That Stains Your Hands

Written by Douglas Lindsay — DS Thomas Hutton returns in his third outing as the down at heel detective. He’s no longer trusted to undertake anything but menial duties such as finding out who graffiti-ed the public toilets. He’s out in the cold – until there’s a suicide. An old woman is found hanging from a bridge in a Glasgow[…]

Killing for Keeps

Killing For Keeps

Written by Mari Hannah – Since her first outing in The Murder Wall, the Kate Daniels series has gone from strength to strength and my personal favourite Deadly Deceit made my list of top five books of 2013. So, we had high expectations for this fifth outing for DCI Kate Daniels and her partner Hank[…]

And She Was

And She Was

Written by Alison Gaylin – How’s your memory? Do you religiously compile a list of groceries before your monthly shop only to leave it on the kitchen table? Do you recall, word for word, the lyrics to a song that made number 15 in the charts in 1975, but struggle to remember the name of[…]

Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

Written by Graham Hurley – In England’s West Country, DS Jimmy Suttle is called in to investigate the brutal murder of Rupert Moncrieff, a wealthy octagenarian living out his days in a house called Magharibi.  Moncrieff was an ‘old Africa hand’, and among the tribal masks and mementos of his colonial days are a collection[…]

NTN: The Murder of Patience Brooke

The Murder of Patience Brooke

Written by JC Briggs – Jean Briggs first came up with the idea for her Dickens and Jones series back in 2012, during the celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. Dickens wrote numerous articles on the police during his lifetime, and created two detectives of his own – Inspector[…]

NTN: Angel of the Abyss


Written by Ed Kurtz – Last month we reviewed Freight, a novella by Ed Kurtz published by Australia’s Crime Factory team. Now he returns with his second full crime fiction novel, this time published by American indie house Dark Fuse. Graham Woodward is back in his native Boston, still bitter, but increasingly resigned to the[…]

NTN: Code Runner


Written by Rosie Claverton – Amy Lane is one of the more intriguing characters in British crime fiction. We are not entirely certain what she looks like, except that she is frequently greasy-haired, unwashed, dishevelled, and malnourished. She is also a chronic agoraphobe, and hardly ever leaves her house – paid for by an elaborate[…]

NTN: The Axeman’s Jazz


Written by Ray Celestin – Thirty years after Jack the Ripper stalked London’s foggy streets, a jazz-loving serial killer terrorised New Orleans. Between May 1918 and October 1919, eight people were murdered by the shadowy killer, who attacked his victims with their own chopper. The Axeman was never caught and, like Jack, his identity was[…]


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