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Behind Closed Doors


Written by Elizabeth Haynes – Fifteen-year-old Scarlett Rainsford disappeared in 2003 while on a family holiday in Rhodes. Ten years later, she’s reappeared in her home town, a fictional place outside of London called Briarstone. It’s just like any decent-sized town in Western Europe, and poor Scarlett is working in a brothel. Lou – DCI Louisa Smith –[…]

The Ice Twins

The Ice Twins 200

Written by SK Tremayne – Angus and Sarah Moorcroft are living an enviable life. Angus is an architect, Sarah a freelance journalist and the couple live in a fashionable part of London. The picture is completed by identical twin daughters, Kirstie and Lydia. Born on the coldest day of the year, with ice-blue eyes and snowy[…]

Dark Country

Dark Country

Written by Darren E Laws – With the eloquent subtitle Songs of Love and Murder, this is the follow up to Laws’ 2008 novel, Turtle Island. The central character once again is FBI agent Georgina O’Neil, but we find her in a bad place. Having been on the verge of losing her badge after the[…]

The Girl Who Wasn’t There


Written by Ferdinand von Schirach, translated by Anthea Bell — It seems you just can’t avoid books with ‘girl’ in their title, but there’s barely a girl to be seen in this elegant story of art, perversion and courtroom drama. In fact, the original German title was Taboo, which is at once more enigmatic and all-encompassing. This[…]

The Crooked House


Written by Christobel Kent — Following a series set in Florence featuring private investigator Sandro Cellini, Christobel Kent has shifted the action to an English estuary village for her 10th novel. It feels like a fresh start for the author, who’s been taken on by a different publisher. There’s not even any mention of her previous[…]



Written by Elizabeth Heiter – Evelyn Baine is a top profiler with the FBI. Her speciality is human behaviour, but her own personal story informs everything she does. She is of mixed race, and after a childhood where she was rescued from a drunken mother and her abusive boyfriend, then fostered out to a family[…]

The Girl on the Train


Written by Paula Hawkins — With the publisher calling it ‘the new Gone Girl’, this book is one of the most hotly anticipated crime debuts of early 2015 and it has been impossible to avoid all reviews and buzz before reading it. Does it deserve all the hype? Well, yes and no. Our main character, Rachel, takes the[…]



Written by Peter May – ‘Would you like to review the latest Peter May novel?’ the CFL boss asked. I replied with a phrase containing the words ‘Pope’ and ‘Catholic’. May is an author who has garnered a huge and incredibly loyal fan base through his series work – with The Lewis Trilogy topping the list,[…]

Black Noise


Written by Pekka Hiltunen, translated by Owen F Witesman — When someone starts hacking YouTube accounts and uploading strange videos, the fact that they consist of several minutes of dark silence is just creepy. But in this Finnish crime novel set in London, the strange phenomenon is really a prelude to horror when the vaguely unnerving videos[…]

The Beast in the Red Forest

Written by Sam Eastland – The Inspector Pekkala series began in 2010 with The Eye of the Red Tsar and now reaches its fifth novel. The books are set in the Soviet Union during WWII; specifically on the Eastern Front where Axis forces battled the Red Army from 1941 onwards after Hitler broke the Molotov-Ribbentrop[…]

Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl

Written by Lesley Thomson — In the second Detective’s Daughter mystery, accidental detective and owner of a cleaning business, Stella Darnell, inherits another case. Her father, Superintendent Terry Darnell, has been dead for a year but Stella is unable to move on. She still visits his house daily, almost expecting his return any time, and keeps[…]

City of Liars and Thieves

City of Liars 200

Written by Eve Karlin — Anyone who has visited New York is bound to be dazzled by its towering skyscrapers, bright lights and reputation as ‘the city that never sleeps’, but beneath a French bistro in SoHo lies a remnant of the city’s dark past. Visitors to the eatery often ask to visit the basement and see[…]


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