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Bull Mountain


Written by Brian Panowich — This atmospheric debut novel set in Georgia begins with an act of fratricide that apparently sets off a chain of violent events over the following decades. It’s 1949 and brothers Rye and Cooper Burroughs are arguing over a proposal to sell the struggling family’s logging rights on Bull Mountain. Cooper settles[…]

A Game for All the Family


Written by Sophie Hannah — Nobody does dark and twisted better than Sophie Hannah, but after an inroad into Agatha Christie territory with The Monogram Murders, she seems in no hurry to get back to her crime series featuring Charlie Zailer and Simon Waterhouse. In this contemporary standalone novel, Hannah has injected a lot of[…]

Speaking in Bones


Written by Kathy Reichs — Maybe it’s a sweeping generalisation, but women in crime novels tend to fall into two camps… They are cast as the victim, who may or not fight back and, more often than not, end up on the mortuary slab. Or, as the driven career girl going all out to make her name in the police force, as[…]

Life or Death


Written by Michael Robotham — Avid readers will relate to what I’m about to say: Sometimes, life just gets in the way. I mean, why waste time working, eating or sleeping when you’re in the thrall of a gripping book like Life or Death? Because believe me, this book snags you from the first page[…]

A Killing Moon


Written by Steven Dunne — It’s the end of term, Christmas is coming. Derby University student Caitlin Kinnear heads out for heavy night on the town before heading back to Ireland the next day for the break. But after leaving her friend in the bar she’d been propping up Caitlin doesn’t make it home. The trouble[…]

The Tiger in the Smoke


Written by Margery Allingham — As one of the so-called queens of the Golden Age of crime fiction, Margery Allingham’s an author whose works have remained in print decades after they were first published. Her amateur sleuth Albert Campion, an affable aristocrat, appeared in 19 novels by Allingham. Following her death in 1966, further Campion novels[…]

Skies of Ash


Written by Rachel Howzell Hall — LA Homicide detective Elouise Norton returns to our shelves a year after making her terrific debut in Land of Shadows. If you’ve read that book, then you’ll know Norton is confident and assertive, and very much the senior detective in her partnership with Colin Taggert, who is white and from the south.[…]



Written by Arnaldur Indridason, translated by Victoria Cribb — Released in Iceland as Kamp Knox last November, Oblivion is the second of Arnaldur Indridason’s ‘young Erlendur‘ books. Similar to the way in which ITV gave us Endeavour – a look at Morse before he became a dour, old detective – here we see Erlendur before he became[…]

What Remains

What Remains

Written by Tim Weaver — David Raker has joined the select band of fictional characters whose return in a new book excites existing fans, and collects new ones with every publication. Raker finds people. People who may not want to be found, but have left loved ones and family searching for the truth, whatever it[…]

Taking Pity


Written by David Mark — We’ve followed the careers of Hull author David Mark and his police detective Aector McAvoy since the writer’s debut novel back in 2012. Aector McAvoy’s journey began in The Dark Winter, where we met the detective sergeant and his son as they enjoyed a hot chocolate in a cafe in the centre of Hull. What[…]

Pretty Is


Written by Maggie Mitchell — The appetite for domestic noir seems insatiable, so it’s not surprising that this debut novel by American writer Maggie Mitchell has been marketed as perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train. There are some similarities, but to my mind this is a much more disquieting, creepy read. It[…]

Huntress Moon


Written by Alexandra Sokoloff — FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke is a man on a mission. On the cusp of busting a major criminal organisation in San Francisco he witnesses the death of a team member working undercover on the case. It looks like an accident, the agent walking in front of a truck on a busy street. But[…]


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