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2015 Crime Fiction Lovers

Written by William Giraldi, narrated by Richard Ferrone — The essentials of William Giraldi’s icy thriller were covered in our review of the book, which you’ll find here. In brief, the story centers around a case in which two, then three, children are stolen by wolves from a small village in remote Alaska. The mother of[…]

Five free classic crime audiobooks


Here at CFL we’re always keen to unearth hidden gems and our regular readers may remember that back in September we reported on five free classic crime reads that are legally available to download. Now if you happen to be an audiobook fan, we think we might just have found something that’s right up your[…]

A free audiobook from Audible.co.uk?


We don’t currently sell the advertising on this site. It’s left up to a service called Google AdSense which selects ads for us based on what our site is about (crime fiction) and your own browsing history. Lately we’ve noticed an ad popping up offering our visitors a free audiobook from Audible.co.uk. We love almost[…]


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