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Crime novellas with Bookxy

Art Kills

Independent publisher Starrk Raving Group is set to launch a new app giving readers access to previously unpublished novellas by a range of authors writing in crime fiction, sci-fi, horror and more. Bookxy will be available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets in December. Once you’ve got it installed you can purchase books for[…]

First look: The Craftsman for iPad


Mystery and thriller apps are getting more and more sophisticated. We’ve seen a couple of good ones lately, and the latest to bash through that barrier between reading words and playing an interactive game is The Craftsman by Portal Entertainment. It’s a chilling mystery that comes off the screen and into your life, and looks[…]

Interview: Simon Flesser and Jonas Tarestad


Simogo is an app design company based in Malmö, Sweden. It was set up in 2010 by programmer Magnus ‘Gordon’ Gardebäck and creative Simon Flesser. Two weeks ago, the company released an intriguing mystery app that’s both brilliantly designed, and very well written. Surreal, unsettling and atmospheric, Device 6 combines a written story and clever[…]

Device 6


Written by Simon Flesser and Magnus ‘Gordon’ Gardebäck — If the legendary designer Saul Bass had created mystery games for the iPad, they’d probably have come out a little bit like Device 6. And while it has the look and feel of the opening titles for a Hitchcock film, and can be as disorientating as[…]

The Thirty-Nine Steps interactive


Digital books. Yes they’re inexpensive and they save trees, but when you’re reading one on an iPad or Android tablet, you’re only using a fraction of the computing power available. The Story Mechanics – in a joint venture with Faber and Faber and various other bodies – believes that classic novels can be given extra[…]

Get £30 off Kindle Fire


If you’ve been thinking about getting a tablet device or a Kindle, for your crime fiction enjoyment, Amazon has a little offer going on at the moment that you might be interested in. The online bookseller has knocked £30 off the price of its 7-inch Kindle Fire device. With a Kindle Fire you can read[…]

Rebus: saint or sinner?


Earlier this month the paperback version of Ian Rankin’s Standing in Another Man’s Grave came out and it saw the return of one of Scotland’s most famous crime fiction detectives: John Rebus. His creator had taken a break from JR and retired him off, preferring to focus on the newer Edinburgh detective Malcolm Fox. But[…]

Five of the best: crime and mystery game apps


Reading crime books is what we’re passionate about here at Crime Fiction Lover. But if, like us, you enjoy your crime on an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, or even on a Kindle Fire, you may well be tempted to use your device to play some crime-related games as well. There are so many[…]

Caffeine Nights iPad app

If you’re a crime fiction lover with an iPad or an iPad Mini, a new app has been released just for you by independent publisher Caffeine Nights. With the motto ‘Fiction aimed at the heart and the head’ the publisher’s app offers readers two chapters from a selection of 18 books it has published. Authors[…]

JukePop: serial crime on the comeback?


Charles Dickens and other Victorian authors were quite used to the idea of serialising their books. In fact, it’s said they’d be waiting on the pier in New York for new chapters by Dickens to arrive from London on a monthly basis and most of his novels were published in 20 separate chapters sold for[…]

Google launches its UK bookstore with 3 million titles


Google Books has launched in the UK making it possible for readers to browse 3 million titles on their phones or tablets from Google’s vast digital repository. You can also search Google ebookstore from your web browser on a PC or Mac. Promising everything from bestsellers to rare out of print editions, it makes two[…]

Crime fiction on Android tablets


For those technophobes out there, Android tablets are nothing like Aspirin and don’t really involve robots either. Android’s the mobile operating system that many cell phones use these days, and just like Apple’s iOS has transferred from the iPhone to the iPad, many tablet computers employ Android. Fans of crime fiction will be interested because[…]


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