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Cold Rain

Written by Craig Smith — It’s taken a while for us to get round to reviewing Craig Smith’s Cold Rain, which was published late last year, but given its long listing for the CWA’s Ian Fleming Steal Dagger Award, we thought now was as good time as any to appraise its many villainous virtues. Smith’s novel[…]

Google launches its UK bookstore with 3 million titles

Google Books has launched in the UK making it possible for readers to browse 3 million titles on their phones or tablets from Google’s vast digital repository. You can also search Google ebookstore from your web browser on a PC or Mac. Promising everything from bestsellers to rare out of print editions, it makes two[…]

The Impossible Dead

Written by Ian Rankin — First a confession: we here at CFL are enormous fans of Ian Rankin. Everyone has their favourite crime fiction character – the enabler detective who first turned their love of the genre into a full-blown addiction – and for us it is DI John Rebus. So it was a sad day when,[…]

Be a character in DE Johnson’s next book!

To celebrate the release of his latest novel, Motor City Shakedown, crime fiction writer DE Johnson is offering anyone who reviews the book the chance to become a character in his next novel, Detroit Breakdown. In order to enter the draw, all you have to do is head to the author’s website and email him[…]

The Sea Detective

Written by Mark Douglas-Home – Mark Douglas-Home is a writer of outstanding reputation. As a journalist he has garnered the kind of status that most hacks dream of, culminating in a tenure as editor of Scotland’s Herald newspaper. The Sea Detective is his first foray in to crime fiction, and yet his journalistic skills are used[…]

The new Kindle and Amazon Fire tablet

Amazon today announced a new tablet computer called the Kindle Fire, and a redesigned, smaller, lighter and cheaper Kindle. The Kindle Fire confirms rumours we reported on earlier, and is being sold alongside the new Kindle e-readers in direct competition to Apple’s iPad. It will retail for $199 in the US, but here’s no word on[…]

The Drop

Written by Howard Linskey — David Blake is a classic good-guy gangster. Like Tony Soprano, he’s in a comfortable position that involves little obvious law breaking, but much of the associated reward. This world is suddenly turned upside down when money he’s responsible for goes missing. His boss, Newcastle crime lord Bobby Mahoney, starts the[…]

Ned Kelly Award winners announced

The 16th annual Ned Kelly Awards has named Brit-born Alan Carter this year’s winner of the Best First Fiction prize for his book, Prime Cut, which explores the dark underbelly of the Australian mining industry and small town police corruption. The book is set in the middle of Australian nowhere, where the economic collapse of the[…]

Five free crime fiction classics – the best!

Obtaining legitimate copies of classic detective fiction ebooks is difficult. Very few big-hitting authors have allowed their works to drift into the public domain, and while the promise of Google Books and Project Gutenberg to make out of copyright ebooks available for free is alluring, the reality is that very few stone-cold classics are legally[…]

Good as Dead

Written by Mark Billingham – Good as Dead is the fifth Tom Thorne novel, and the first since last year’s TV dramatisation that fortified Mark Billingham as one of the UK’s premium crime fiction novelists. For fans of Billingham, this latest instalment exhibits all the hallmarks that make his plotlines so compelling. The father of[…]

New Amazon Kindle Tablet

Technology websites this week have been heralding news on the forthcoming Kindle Tablet from Amazon, rumoured to be released in November. The reports hint at a totally new device, to be sold alongside Amazon’s existing Kindle e-reader, but with the added functionality of a tablet including other apps and web use. Writing on TechCrunch, tech[…]

Cold Kill

Written by Neil White – The coupling of journalist and police detective is a well-worn crime fiction convention; as reassuring as any literary model, from the tragic anti-hero to gritty underdog. Neil White’s latest escapade for journalist Jack Garrett and Detective Sergeant Laura McGanity isn’t quite so typical, and Cold Kill – White’s fifth outing[…]