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Written by Tom Pitts – Donny and Big Rich are male prostitutes in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Their lives revolve around getting high. Heroin is what they are addicted to, but if they can’t get that then crack or meth is better than nothing. It means never looking beyond the next fix, and perhaps that[...]

Death Money

Written by Henry Chang – Soho Press returns with the fourth instalment featuring the New York Chinese-American police detective Jack Yu. Yu is on the way to see the department psychiatrist after being involved in a shooting from a previous case when he gets a call from the Thirty-Second precinct. A young Asian man has[...]

Talus and the Frozen King

Written by Graham Edwards – Now here’s a book that provides us with a neat spin on historical crime fiction – by setting his novel in pre-history. The Neolithic era to be precise – when the first human communities formed, early farming began and people started making the first pottery. And according to the cover[...]

Who Thinks Evil

Written by Michael Kurland — Kurland’s Professor Moriarty series began in 1979 with The Infernal Device. It was an Edgar Award finalist and was also nominated for an American Book Award. Death by Gaslight, The Great Game, and The Empress of India followed. The series’ conceit is to tell stories from the point of view[...]

The Revenant of Thraxton Hall

Written by Vaughn Entwistle – Crime fiction lovers might just remember the BBC TV series from 2001, The Murder Rooms: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes. In it, David Pirie dramatised the early life of Arthur Conan Doyle, including his father’s death from alcoholism and his experiences as a medical student in Edinburgh. The programme[...]

Slow Horses

Written by Mick Herron – In October 2013, Mick Herron picked up the CWA Goldsboro Gold Dagger for his espionage thriller Dead Lions. Here on Crime Fiction Lover we agreed, and awarded the quirky espionage thriller five stars in our review. With such recognition for the author in place, Soho Press has now published the[...]

Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes

Edited by George Mann – Titan Books brings us another collection of new short stories featuring the world’s first consulting detective. Most Sherlock Holmes anthologies feature reprints of popular stories, and it is difficult for such books to stand out in a crowded field. Last year, Mann managed this by bringing steampunk and science fiction[...]

Trouble Man

Written by Tom Benn – Last year, Tom Benn’s Chamber Music gained plenty of praise for its gritty portrayal of the Manchester club scene and the criminals that inevitably surround it. Now his anti-hero Henry Bane is back in the third novel in the series, Trouble Man. The action moves forward a decade to the[...]

Scratch One

Written by Michael Crichton, as John Lange – Late last year, Hard Case Crime reprinted eight crime novels written by Michael Crichton. They were under the pseudonym John Lange, while he was at university in the late 60s and early 70s. We reviewed Grave Descend and it made my top five books of 2013 which[...]

The Wrong Quarry

Written by Max Allan Collins – One of America’s leading modern pulp crime authors, Max Allan Collins has been writing Quarry stories since back in 1976. The series began with The Broker, and the most recent one was 2010′s Quarry’s Ex. Now, the hitman hero/anti-hero is back in The Wrong Quarry with a fine piece[...]

Shoot the Woman First

Written by Wallace Stroby – The ex-journalist Wallace Stroby, who has become a hardboiled crime author, returns with his third book about Crissa Stone. His professional thief has already been the anti-heroine in Cold Shot to the Heart (2011) and Kings of Midnight (2012). Crissa is in Detroit, part of a four-person team aiming to[...]

RoughJustice: Top five books of 2013

For every great book that receives attention on a list like this, another two or three miss out. Tom Piccirilli (The Last Whisper in the Dark) and Jake Hinkson (The Posthumous Man) just miss out for the second year in a row, while Brother Kemal was a wonderful final novel by the late Jakob Arjouni.[...]