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The Abomination

Written by Jonathan Holt — In Venice, a woman’s body, clothed in the robes of a Catholic priest, washes up during one of the city’s regular bouts of flooding. She’s been shot in the head twice, and mysterious tattoos point to possible occult involvement. Detective-Colonel Aldo Piola is at the scene along with his new[...]

A Commonplace Killing

Written by Siân Busby — Siân Busby tragically passed away in 2012, but she gave us two non-fiction works (A Wonderful Little Girl and The Cruel Mother), a children’s book, and two works of fiction entitled McNaughten and A Commonplace Killing. The latter she finished shortly before she died. It’s 1946 and a woman’s body[...]


Written by Mo Hayder – Odd things have been happening at Beechway’s psychiatric unit, and AJ LeGrande, recently promoted from his nursing position, is becoming increasingly worried, not only about his staff, but about the patients. Workers have been calling in sick in order to avoid the nightshift and AJ has been doing more than[...]

Interview: Robert Rotstein

With a background of more than 30 years as an attorney in the entertainment industry, Robert Rotstein has seen a thing or two… Now he’s taken some of that experience, blended in some fictional crime and Hollywood drama, and come up Parker Stern, a lawyer who has seen better days, and who seems to get[...]

Voodoo Eyes

Written by Nick Stone – PI Max Mingus has settled into his routine of investigating cheating spouses when what would usually be a fairly standard case turns decidedly not-so-standard. However, that case takes a swift back seat when Max gets a call from his old partner, Joe Linton, who’s at a murder scene of a[...]


Written by Mo Hayder —  On the eve of this year’s Edgar awards, we bring you a review of a book by one of last year’s big winners, Mo Hayder. Gone begins with a carjacking, but in the back of the car was a 12-year-old girl. Detective Jack Caffery is positive that the girl will[...]

Untold Damage

Written by Robert K Lewis – Waking up with the needle still in his arm is a new one for ex-cop Mark Mallen, and a new low. He’s spent the past four years of his life as a heroin junkie, a descent that began during undercover work with the San Francisco Police Department. He knows things[...]

MyBookishWays: The five books that got me hooked on crime fiction

A little while back, we asked a simple question on Twitter: what books got you into crime fiction? Well, our twitter account was buzzing for three or four days – the topic really caught the imagination of crime fiction lovers. So we decided that everyone on the CFL team would write a piece listing the[...]

Five of the best: Cosy mysteries from the USA

Alongside the darker world of police procedurals and thrillers, cosy novels are the palate cleansers of the crime fiction world. They usually have whimsical covers and most always have a happy ending, or at least a satisfactory resolution. Now, in the mystery genre – at least in the US – cosies have certain ‘rules’. Usually[...]


Written by Mo Hayder – Sergeant Flea Marley, head of Avon and Somerset’s underwater search unit, is deep beneath the surface of one of eight flooded limestone quarries, hoping to find a clue, or a body. The quarries are arranged in a horseshoe shape and number eight, the quarry that Flea is searching, nearly touches[...]

Ordinary Grace

Written by William Kent Krueger – William Kent Krueger is already well known for his Cork O’Conner mystery series, but he has given us something a little bit different in Ordinary Grace. It’s the summer of 1961 in the small town of New Bremen, Minnesota, where 13-year-old Frank Drum lives with his younger brother Jake, older[...]

Dog in the Manger

Written by Mike Resnick – Ex-cop Eli Paxton is an honest to goodness hero. Fat lot of good it’s done him though. It did get him into the pages of Newsweek and even a biography that he never even saw on the bookshelf. Unfortunately, as a rookie Chicago cop, fresh out of the army, he got[...]