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Written by Robert Pobi — Canto XII of Dante’s Inferno takes place in the First Ring of the Seventh Circle of Hell where sinners who used violence against others suffer for all eternity in a boiling river of blood. Bloodman is Montreal writer Robert Pobi’s first novel. FBI special agent Jake Cole has Dante’s twelfth[…]

Tumblin’ Dice

Written by John McFetridge — In music, I like bands and singers who explore not only different themes and styles, but also try different sounds and voices. Same with writers. As some of them will tell you, everything has been said already, you just need to take a new approach, keep things fresh, and tell[…]

What It Was

Written by George Pelecanos — On a rainy afternoon, Nick Stefanos and Derek Strange are having drinks at Leo’s, two friends content enough to just sit down, barely talking. In the Rain by The Dramatics comes on the jukebox, igniting reminiscences about 1972, the year of the song’s release. For Stefanos, it was the summer[…]


Written by Simon Toyne — The fictional city of Ruin in modern day Turkey. Over it towers the Citadel, where the very first Bible is believed to have been written. Built into the Taurus mountains where the Carmina, a society of monks, has been living for a couple of millennia, the building is entirely cut[…]

HoCaM: Top five crime books of 2011

I can’t say definitively that these are the best books because I haven’t read everything out there, and who am I to decide for others, right? But these five novels all touched me, thrilled me, and in various ways impressed me the most. Don’t try to get me to list them in order of preference[…]

NTN: Canada’s hot new crime authors, eh

The Great White North is not unlike Scandinavia. The nights are long. The winters are long. And the landscapes vary from grey stretches of urban concrete to northern vistas broken by outcroppings of granite, frozen swamps and vast forests. The cold and isolation can send the mind awry, and there are undoubtedly places to hide[…]

NTN: 8 Pounds

Written by Chris F Holm — Having been shortlisted for an Anthony Award for his short story The Hitter earlier this year, Chris F Holm has begun making a name for himself as an up-and-coming new author. He also appeared in the Pulp Ink compilation and 8 Pounds is his own collection of eight short[…]

The crimes they are a-changin’

Jacques Filippi reports on Bouchercon 2011 — In crime fiction, the hero who saves everyone has dominated the genre for a long time. That hero is usually troubled by past events, has a big problem with the bottle and, mostly, is unable to sustain or even commit to an intimate relationship (one involving more than[…]

The Adjustment

Written by Scott Phillips — Best known for his first novel The Ice Harvest, which was adapted for the screen, Scott Phillips has at last brought out The Adjustment, his first novel since 2003. I’ll tell you right off the bat that I think it’s at least as good, if not better, than The Ice Harvest.[…]

A Drop of the Hard Stuff

Written by Lawrence Block — If you pick up A Drop of the Hard Stuff and start reading it without knowing the author, you’ll realise pretty quickly that it’s from a seriously accomplished writer. It’s the 17th Matthew ‘Matt’ Scudder novel and it takes place during his first year as an unlicensed PI. Lawrence Block is[…]