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Jack Reacher gets Personal

On the Radar – Yes, this week we have the return of Reacher, but also some historical crime fiction, a crime-laden adventure in Mexico, the SAS and a monkey that’ll sever a jugular before you can say Crime Fiction Lover. Read on, and let us know which titles will be added to your pile… Personal[...]

The Harbour Master

Written by Daniel Pembry – Amsterdam copper Henk van der Pol is old school. Now in his 50s, his daughter is away at university, and all around him bright young things are moving up through the police ranks. He has been an institution man for much of his working life – he is a former[...]

Shelock Holmes: The Spirit Box

Written by George Mann – Previously here on Crime Fiction Lover we’ve reviewed The Will of the Dead featuring Sherlock Holmes in a steampunk mystery, and The Executioner’s Heart from George Mann’s Newbury & Hobbes series set in Victorian times. This latest Conan Doyle pastiche takes us back to the summer of 1915. The misery,[...]

Ladybird, ladybird…

On the Radar – The Las Vegas convention as a setting for murder has been used in more than one episode of CSI, but our lead book this week brings more unique inspiration to the table. Here we have a trade show dolly dressed as a ladybird and murdered in the hotel room of a[...]

Hardcastle’s Quartet

Written by Graham Ison – It’s the summer of 1918 and people are tired of a war which was supposed to over by Christmas four years earlier. On the Western Front, the Germans are finally on the back foot, but in London the war against crime still goes on. Divisional Detective Inspector Ernest Hardcastle of[...]

Fall From Grace

Written by Tim Weaver – David Raker is a specialist. The former journalist is an expert at finding missing people, particularly when the police have failed and put the case notes in the the dustiest corner of their filing system. Raker has a good success rate, which has often brought him into conflict with the[...]

The Night the Rich Men Burned

Written by Malcolm Mackay — As with Malcolm Mackay’s past books, The Night the Rich Men Burned is set in Glasgow. This time, we are deeply embedded in the world of money. Not the money used in the international currency market, or the money gambled on a fluctuating stock exchange. This money trade is much[...]

The Girl Next Door, the Duct Tape Killer, Invisible Streets and more…

On the Radar – Over 50 years writing crime novels and Ruth Rendell is still going strong. This week sees the release of The Girl Next Door, a standalone mystery. In addition we have action thrillers, serial murderers and even a villain called the Duct Tape Killer. Nine new books have pinged on our radar[...]

The First Horseman

Written by DK Wilson – 19 May, 1536. Tower Green, London. The sizeable crowd of wealthy merchants, noblemen and clergy falls silent. Then something between a sigh and a groan escapes the audience as the specially appointed French swordsman swings his blade and decapitates a young woman who until recently had been the wife of[...]

Binary Witness

Written by Rosie Claverton – In her debut crime novel, screenwriter and journalist Rosie Claverton brings us the story of Jason Carr, a young man from one of the rougher areas of the Welsh capital, Cardiff. He has run with the wrong crowd and ended up in jail. He did the crime, has done the[...]

The best World War I crime fiction

Today marks 100 years since Britain entered World War I. For the next five years, writers, artists and historians from all over the world will remind us the momentous events which took place between 1914 and 1919. The Great War is remembered for its soldier poets – Owen, Sassoon, Gurney, Blunden and Thomas – but[...]

A small shot of Reacher

On the Radar – Ping… ping… ping… Ah, our radar has detected a new short story by Lee Child, so Reacher fans will be rejoicing. But also in the depths of the crime fiction ocean this week we’ve picked up a Gone Girl-alike, something featuring drugs mules, some dark looking German crime fiction and even[...]