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And Sometimes I Wonder About You

Written by Walter Mosley — New York PI Leonid Trotter McGill has a chaotic personal life. His wife is lying in a care home, broken and depressed as a result of years of mutual betrayal and infidelity. His brother is serving a life term in an Indiania prison. His son is out there, somewhere in[…]

Campion’s champion, Tey’s away

On the Radar — There are those who say we should bury the heroes of crime fiction with their authors, and others who contend that it’s simply no fun without new stories featuring Sherlock Holmes, or Lisbeth Salander for that matter. This week Margery Allingham is revived once again by contemporary author Mike Ripley. Equally interesting[…]

The Slaughterman

Written by Tony Parsons — London copper Max Wolfe first appeared last year in The Murder Bag. Now he returns to track a sadistic killer who has butchered four members of a wealthy family, and kidnapped their youngest child. The family thought themselves secure in their upmarket gated estate, but their sense of wellbeing is proved bloodily[…]

Ruins of War

Written by John A Connell — This is a crime debut for John A Connell, a Paris-based author. Once a cameraman, he has worked both in Hollwood and for the small screen. Ruins of War features a former cop  – Mason Collins – who is working as a criminal investigator with the American military police in the shattered[…]

You Are Dead, Murder Down Under, and more

On the Radar — This week we start in Brighton with Peter James and his 11th Roy Grace novel, You Are Dead. Then, it’s an intercontinental flight all the way to Tasmania for a cosy mystery. In addition, we have a handful of books from the UK, a handful more by American authors, and a devilish cosy set in Tasmania.[…]

Horror x crime, and more…

On the Radar — The horror, the horror… Yes, and we’re not even talking about the UK General Election. Instead, this week we head up our new books column with two crime-horror crossovers. One is by Clive Barker, one of the biggest names on the horror scene, and the other by Saul Black, who also writes[…]

Two Bronze Pennies

Written by Chris Nickson — We first met Inspector Tom Harper in Gods of Gold. Now he returns, newly married, but still trying to keep the peace in a wintry and grimy Leeds, the industrial city in the north of England. It is Christmas 1890, and a young Jewish man has been found brutally stabbed,[…]

The Killing of Bobbi Lomax

Written by Cal Moriarty — Debut author Cal Moriarty was discovered after taking a course at the Faber Academy, and the publisher now has a fine writer on its hands who can weave a tale full of surprises and twists. Set in the early 1980s, the story begins when Bobbi Lomax is killed after a bomb explodes in[…]

Investigating the death of Alan Turing

On the Radar — Our selection this week leads with a dramatic fictional account of the death of the celebrated mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing. Elsewhere, we have books where women are both victims and perps, there are drug couriers in supercharged cars, a crack KGB man turned vagrant, and a man with a decidedly gruesome occupation.[…]

The Infidel Stain

Written by Miranda Carter — London, 1841. It’s the fourth year of Queen Victoria’s reign and the city is riven by the first stirrings of proper democracy. The Chartists have put forward a six-point pathway which will, if adopted, totally reform the way in which the country is governed. Against this backdrop we have what seems to be a[…]

The game’s afoot…

On the Radar –– Today’s new books column starts with a big release that Sherlock Holmes fans will lap up, and it features Holmes stories written by some of the biggest names in crime fiction. Also, we have Jeffery Deaver’s latest Kathryn Dance novel, a couple of books that tie in to World War II and[…]

Time of Death

Written by Mark Billingham — Crime fiction’s grumpiest copper is back. DI Tom Thorne has recovered from his ordeal on the remote island of Bardsey (read our review of The Bones Beneath) and is enjoying some long overdue family time. With his partner, fellow officer Helen Weeks, he’s trying to make the best of the[…]