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The Infidel Stain

Written by Miranda Carter — London, 1841. It’s the fourth year of Queen Victoria’s reign and the city is riven by the first stirrings of proper democracy. The Chartists have put forward a six-point pathway which will, if adopted, totally reform the way in which the country is governed. Against this backdrop we have what seems to be a[…]

The game’s afoot…

On the Radar –– Today’s new books column starts with a big release that Sherlock Holmes fans will lap up, and it features Holmes stories written by some of the biggest names in crime fiction. Also, we have Jeffery Deaver’s latest Kathryn Dance novel, a couple of books that tie in to World War II and[…]

Time of Death

Written by Mark Billingham — Crime fiction’s grumpiest copper is back. DI Tom Thorne has recovered from his ordeal on the remote island of Bardsey (read our review of The Bones Beneath) and is enjoying some long overdue family time. With his partner, fellow officer Helen Weeks, he’s trying to make the best of the[…]

It’s all lies!

On the Radar — Well, our headline today could be referring to the manifestos unveiled this week by Britain’s main political parties as we head towards the General Election, but actually what we’re pointing to is a hot new release by psychological crime fiction’s rising star, CL Taylor. Will her second novel, The Lie, prove as popular[…]

Cookie’s Case

Cookie is an artistic dancer… Well, ok, she’s actually a stripper. She is, in fact, something of a cliché – a stripper with a heart of gold. Her act these days is not what it was, ever since she literally slipped on a banana skin, injured her back and underwent corrective surgery which went badly wrong.[…]

Billingham’s back…

On the Radar — Yes, if you love a good police procedural featuring DI Tom Thorne then it’s time to prime your evidence bags and don your latex gloves. Shoe protection is optional. The latest Mark Billingham novel has been announced and Time of Death is our lead book as we bring you this week’s new[…]

A Song of Shadows

Written by John Connolly — Portland, Maine. PI Charlie Parker has narrowly survived a savage shotgun and pistol attack. After technically dying three times in the hours after the assault, he is now recuperating in a house in the isolated village of Boreas. Watching from a distance – and posing as security consultants – are[…]

A Song of Shadows, and more…

On the Radar — Fans of Harlan Coben, and of John Connolly’s brooding PI Charlie Parker will be as excited as bunnies we head into Easter. Both these big name authors feature this week with new releases. But there’s more too… What is the collective noun for a number of psychopaths? Whatever it is, we have[…]

The Lady from Zagreb

Written by Philip Kerr — The German policeman Bernie Gunther returns for his 10th outing. Fans of the series will know that the books are not in a chronological sequence and that Kerr has positioned Gunther as a man who served in World War I and II, and survived long enough to hunt down Nazis in Peron’s Argentina in the 1950s.[…]

Into the Night

Written by Jake Woodhouse — When a corpse is found, minus its head and with both hands blowtorched to a crisp, Amsterdam cop Inspector Jaap Rykel realises he has something unusual to deal with. Even more disturbing is that the man’s mobile phone contains pictures of Rykel and his houseboat home. Meanwhile a homeless woman[…]

Jo Nesbo, Voltaire and… Dust Bin Bob?

On the Radar — You never know what you’re going to get from one week to the next on the crime fiction bookshelf. Our new books report this week brings you the latest from Norwegian best seller Jo Nesbo, a historical crime book featuring the French philosopher Voltaire as a key character, and even a[…]

Kolymsky Heights

Written by Lionel Davidson — Lionel Davidson and his thrillers have been unjustly neglected in recent years. He blazed a trail with articulate and complex international spy stories just before John Le Carre and Len Deighton achieved celebrity status. However, a few years ago Philip Pullman selected Davidson’s 1994 novel Kolymsky Heights for his Waterstone’s author table.[…]