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Tick, tock, Tupperware cop

On the Radar – He’s bisexual. He’s an ex-cop. He hates ticking clocks, but he loves Tupperware. The man we’re refering to is the rather unusual 80s detective Duffy. Irish author Dan Kavanagh’s character is back thanks to Orion, which is reprinting the entire series of four books with some moody photographic covers. They’ve been[...]

Death Can’t Take a Joke

Written by Anya Lipska – Act I, Scene 1 – Canary Wharf, a prime business district which has been redeveloped from the decaying former docklands of East London. A young policewoman is trying to enjoy an over-priced latte. There is a strange birdlike flurry of movement in her peripheral vision, followed by a massive thump.[...]

I think I need to lie down…

On the Radar – So many fascinating crime books are being released at the moment, we wouldn’t blame you if you felt the need to lie down. Our reviewers certainly feel that way at the moment. The publishing industry is a veritable Gatling gun spraying us with explosive new reads. It’s fitting then, that first[...]

The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths

Written by Harry Bingham — Harry Bingham first introduced Fiona Griffiths to us in his excellent debut novel Talking To The Dead in 2012 and we met her again the following year in Love Story, With Murders. She is a bright and feisty detective constable from Cardiff, but she’s a DC with a difference. Fiona[...]

Charlie Parker hunts the wolf, and more…

On the Radar – Plenty to look forward to as March comes to a close, including John Connolly’s latest Charlie Parker mystery and new titles from Jo Nesbo and Gordon Ferris. We’ve even got some crime fiction from Moldova for you to try, so read on… The Wolf in Winter by John Connolly The most[...]

From the Gaelic

On the Radar – You may well have read books from Denmark, France, Italy or even Japan, but have you come across one originally written in Gaelic before? Well, here’s your chance to discover some crime fiction from the heart of Eire. But there’s more – this week’s new books include titles set in Cannes,[...]

Death Can’t Take a Joke

On the Radar – This week our new books column brings you novellas, short stories and novels from writers across the spectrum of crime fiction. We’ve got Anya Lipska’s second novel entitled Death Can’t Take a Joke, a new one from Laura Lippman and 12 short stories from Jeffrey Deaver. But there’s plenty more too,[...]

The Bird That Did Not Sing

Written by Alex Gray – As Glasgow prepares itself to host the Commonwealth Games, a mysterious explosion devastates an area of woodland close to one of the venues. Police and the fire service investigate, but the motive for the blast remains a mystery. Months later, much closer to the opening of the Games, Detective Superintendent[...]

Natchez Burning

Written by Greg Iles – Natchez, Mississippi. Just under 16,000 souls. A small town with a big history. It perches on a bluff above the Mississippi River, and some folk reckon they can still hear the ghosts of paddle steamers chunking away down there on the swirling brown waters. Less romantically, Natchez was the raw,[...]

Nine deadly measures of murder…

On the Radar – There’s a huge week ahead for crime fiction, with a squadron of new detective novels hitting the shelves. From cosy to contemporary, and from 19th century Ireland to near future Hong Kong, there’s bound to be something for you amongst these nine deadly new releases… The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths[...]

Questions are being asked

On the Radar – We’ll start this week with Laura Lippman’s latest release in which old crimes are unravelled after four decades when, finally, someone starts asking the right questions. There’s a return to Hull with David Mark, and Chris Pavone follows up his hit The Expats with a new tale of former spies and[...]

Goodnight, Irène

On the Radar – French crime fiction comes to the fore today as we prepare for the release of the second Pierre Lemaitre thriller to be translated into English. Watch for our review of Irène here on the site soon, as well as a chance to win the book. You’ll also find a reprinted classic,[...]