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Something more sinister

On the Radar – If you’re looking for dark tales of murder and mystery, you’ve come to the right place. This week, new additions to the crime fiction bookshelf include Graham Ison’s latest WWI-set Hardcastle novel, a futuristic tale by Dean Koontz, some new Scottish crime fiction, and more. You’ll even find one book in[...]

A Morbid Habit

Written by Annie Hauxwell – If you had to create a check-list for a spy fiction heroine, then Catherine Berlin would not tick many boxes. Let’s try: Young and glamorous? No, she shows all of her 57 years, and looks slightly the worse for wear. High profile job? Sorry. She’s out of work, having been[...]

DCI Banks in Abattoir Blues, and more…

On the Radar – Yes, fans of Peter Robinson can rejoice as the 22nd Banks novel hits the presses, but that’s not all. We’ve got nine other new titles for you to contemplate this week including something set in 16th century Italy as well as a set of gritty Wyoming-based short stories. Whatever your poison,[...]

The Sun Is God

Written by Adrian McKinty – Adrian McKinty has made his name with three crime trilogies, the latest of which featured Catholic cop Sean Duffy in the midst of sectarian turmoil in 1980s Belfast. So, The Sun is God is a bit of a departure. Here we meet Will Prior, once a junior officer in The[...]

Bastille Day Special: The best of French crime fiction

On 14 July, all of France celebrates Bastille Day. On this day in 1789, the infamous Paris prison was stormed by the mob, thus heralding the Revolution and the end of the ancien régime. To honour the occasion, the lovers of French crime fiction within our team have selected the very best Fench crime books[...]

The Final Silence

Written by Stuart Neville — DI Jack Lennon is in a world of trouble. He is half crippled by slow-healing bullet wounds, incurred while engaged on a case which ended with his suspension from the police force. Stolen Souls (2012) recounts this story, and our review is here. Lennon, struggling to escape the dangerous embrace[...]

Mr Rankin the playwright

On the Radar – This week we have two curiosities among the exciting new releases. Firstly – and this is certainly a first for CFL – we have the script of a stage play. Publishers wouldn’t normally expect scripts to sell particularly well, but seeing as the main author is none other than Ian Rankin,[...]

A short film about Serial Killing

Written by Alex Ratcliffe – Ruth Webb stands accused of complicity in a horrific series of sexual assaults and murders. Her husband, Eddie, has committed suicide in their home, after leaving an incriminating suicide note. The garden and the floors of the Webbs’ house have been dug up to reveal the remains of children and[...]

Here comes the sun

On the Radar – Adrian McKinty’s latest book heads up our new releases this week. His recent work has been set in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, but this time he takes us to the South Seas and back to 1906. Among other writers competing for your attention this week are Ed Kurz with a[...]

The Edge of Sanity

Written by Sheryl Browne — Just outside Worcester, in the relative peace of rural England, Daniel Conner owns a canal boatyard. Or rather he did. He’s selling the business and is waiting for the contract to be finalised. He desperately needs to move on with his wife and daughter. The youngest member of their family[...]

Face Off

Edited by David Baldacci — Remember the rock supergroups of the 1970s? Blind Faith; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; Derek and the Dominoes; Emerson, Lake and Palmer? Did the whole ever equal the sum of its parts? That’s an argument for another day, but what if a similar collaborative concept was applied to fictional detectives?[...]

1919 and all that

On the Radar – Given it’s the centenary of the beginning of The Great War this year, what better place to start than a book based on that monumental conflict. However, even if you don’t like WWI spy thrillers, there’s plenty more to grab you including the latest from Dan Smith, a new installment in[...]