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Written by Kathy and Brendan Reichs — She’s best known for her novels featuring forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan, but Kathy Reichs is also carving a niche for herself in the young adult fiction market. Code is the third in the Virals series, and is co-written with her son, Brendan. Which is a neat move, as having a[…]

DispatchesFromNoir: Top five books of 2012


Any year is a great year to read crime fiction, but 2012 was a great year to begin reviewing crime fiction. Since coming aboard in May, I’ve read quite a bit of crime fiction and have been impressed by much of it. My own tastes run towards hardboiled and noir, and 2012 was a banner[…]

Chamber Music


Written by Tom Benn — Chamber Music is the second gritty thriller to feature Tom Benn’s protagonist Henry Bane. The first was the The Doll Princess. I didn’t get a chance to read it, but it generated a buzz and was nominated for the Dylan Thomas and Portico prizes. So big things are expected of[…]

The Salem Witch Society


Written by KN Shields — There have been numerous blends of supernatural fantasy and crime fiction in recent years, but don’t worry, this book takes place in the matter-of-fact world of the New England freelance detective Perceval Grey, and deputy marshal Archie Lean. They’re based in Portland, the state capital of Maine, and the year[…]



Written by Stuart Neville — It is 1963, and in a few weeks John F Kennedy, the young, charismatic president of America will arrive in Dublin to visit his ancestral homeland. The Irish justice minister, Charles Haughey, is faced with a dilemma. His government, compromised over its controversial neutrality during World War II, has found itself[…]

New books in Santa’s crime stocking


On the Radar – We’re feeling decidedly festive here at CFL. Santa Claus has left us a rather fine selection of crime fiction in our stocking this year. Our final new books report of 2012 gives you a sneaky peak at some of the books that you might want to grab with those Amazon vouchers[…]

The Double Game


Written by Dan Fesperman — For those not familiar with the author, Dan Fesperman has written crime stories like the excellent Lie in the Dark, as well as war-themed and espionage stories such as The Arms Maker of Berlin. His thrillers are usually set in foreign locations, and often have a political subtext. You might[…]

White Heat


Recommended by this site’s admin, CrimeFictionLover, White Heat received a five-star review and was his number one book of 2012. He wrote: “If you’ve not read it yet, allow hands-down winner White Heat to take you to a totally different environment, and into a new dimension in crime fiction. Edie Kiglatuk is an Inuit guide,[…]

A Dark Redemption


This was LoiteringWithIntent‘s favourite crime book of 2012. She wrote: “Back in February I picked up a copy of A Dark Redemption and before I was 50 pages in I knew it would make my top five list. By the end I knew it would be at number one. A highly sophisticated police procedural which takes the[…]

The Shadow of Death


For our contributor Spriteby, The Shadow of Death was the top book of 2012. She wrote: “In May, I reviewed this debut novel by James Runcie, which introduced us to his Grantchester Mysteries and sleuthing vicar Rev Canon Sidney Chambers. Sidney Chambers and The Shadow of Death is a series of six short stories involving murder[…]

Rough Riders


With a five-star review on this site, and chosen by RoughJustice as his favourite crime book of 2012, Rough Riders by Charlie Stella comes highly recommended. “Stella moves his chronicling of New York’s wise guys to the snowy terrain of North Dakota in a tale mirroring the true crime career of Whitey Bulger,” says RoughJustice.[…]

How’s the Pain?


Translated from the original French, How’s the Pain ranked as MarinaSofia‘s favourite crime book of 2012. She said: “This, to my mind, is the perfect noir: a tragicomedy about an unlikely friendship between the ageing vermin exterminator Simon (AKA a contract killer) and the naïve youngster with no particular talent, Bernard. The two embark on[…]