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Turning back time…


On the Radar – With Christmas just around the corner, this week’s book report focuses on some of the new releases in the historical crime fiction genre due out over the next few weeks. Victorian London? Check. A 1940s plot to kill Churchill? Check. An 11th century mystery? Check. Someone’s going to blow up the[…]

NTN: Turn of Mind


Written by Alice LaPlante — For all of the artfully arranged tension and ever escalating gore in many crime novels it’s rare to put one down feeling genuinely disturbed. Rarer still to be thinking about it weeks later. But Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante is not your average crime novel. Longlisted for this years[…]

NTN: KN Shields interviewed


If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes, and would love to see that type of late Victorian mystery played out in a different setting with a range of intriguing New England characters, then The Salem Witch Society might be just what you’re looking for. Written by KN Shields it stars the slightly Holmesian character Perceval[…]

NTN: Crusher


Written by Niall Leonard – Previously a screenplay writer, Niall Leonard wrote his first novel Crusher to take part in the NaNoWriMo novel-writing competition. The book was picked up by Random House and published this September. Finn Maguire is 17 years old. He works in a fast food restaurant in London and has no job[…]

Kill the General


Written by Bogdan Hrib — The popularity of Scandinavian crime fiction has led to novels from all over the world being translated into English, perhaps in pursuit of the next big thing. More crime books can only be a good thing for crime fiction lovers, though, and here we have a release from Profusion, an[…]

NTN: Ten (more) to taste – debuts and indie releases


So many books, so little time. Surely that is the mantra of fiction websites around the world. It certainly is over here at Crime Fiction Lover. Although we can’t review every debut novel we’re sent, during New Talent November we’ve been doing our best to highlight the broad range of self-published and indie releases. Two[…]

Uncommon Assassins


Edited by Weldon Burge — Weldon Burge, a Delaware native, is a full-time writer, editor, and publisher and his stories have been featured in anthologies and publications such as Suspense Magazine, Grim Graffiti, Ghosts and Demons, and many more. In Uncommon Assassins, Burge has put together a treasure trove of 23 stories by some of[…]

Nearly Nowhere


Written by Summer Brenner — It might not be the best known publisher on the block, but California-based PM Press has delivered some solid hits with the Switchblade crime series. Benjamin Whitmer’s Pike was an absorbing, bleak read about a reformed hustler and drug trafficker who heads to Cincinnati to find out how his estranged[…]

NTN: White Heat


Written by MJ McGrath — Melanie McGrath studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford, but instead of going on to join Britain’s governing class she decided to write excellent crime stories set in the far, far, far north of Canada. A commendable move on her part – and I’ll tell you straight away that I’m[…]

Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT


Edited by Thomas Pluck — Thomas Pluck writes hardboiled crime and has contributed to such anthologies as Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels (Vol. 1), Off the Record – A Charity Anthology and Blood & Tacos #1, in addition to Spinetingler Magazine. He writes, in his words ‘unflinching fiction with heart’, so perhaps it’s no surprise[…]

NTN: Welcome to Dead Man’s Party

Issue 2 of Dead Man's Party

Crime fiction and comic books share some of the same genealogy. Think back to the days of pulp magazines when detective, horror, sci-fi and cowboy stories all intermingled, printed on cheap paper imported into the United States… with whiskey bottles shoved between the rolls. While today’s comics all feature unlikely superheroes in iron suits, with[…]

The Perils of Sherlock Holmes


Written by Loren D Estleman — Estleman is best known to crime fiction fans for his enduring series about Detroit PI Amos Walker. Indeed, we reviewed his latest, Burning Midnight, a few months back. However he’s also a noted Sherlockian, and his pastiches Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula and Dr Jekyll and Mr Holmes remain two[…]