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Five of the best paranormal crime novels – Happy Halloween!


It’s Halloween. Traditionally, tonight is the night for trick or treating and telling scary stories. However, as much as we like a story that might have us on the edge of our seats or hiding behind the sofa, here at CFL we like our thrills with a dash of murder, mayhem and mystery added in.[…]

Only One Life


“Louise Rick is back and she finds herself on temporary reassignment to the Unit One Mobile Task Force. When a fisherman discovers the body of a young immigrant girl floating in a cove just north of the Danish town of Holbæk, the mobile task force is called in to lead the case, supported by the[…]

Harry Hole is not dead!

Jo Nesbo photographed by Hakon Eikesda

Were you left confused and befuddled by the ending of Phantom, the latest Harry Hole novel by Jo Nesbo? It ends rather ambiguously, with more than a hint that it might be the last Harry Hole novel. Well, fans of the series can rejoice because today Harvill Secker has announced Police, the 10th Harry Hole[…]

Killing Daniel


Written by Sarah Dobbs — This book starts off with a bang – one of the most gripping opening chapters I’ve read in a while. It captures perfectly that sense of nightmare-ish unease and fear which the two main protagonists experience throughout the book. Dark, overcast, the sensation of drowning permeates the whole book, not[…]

Killer Move


Written by Michael Marshall — This is the latest offering from the British-born author whose bestselling first novel The Straw Men, published in 2001, took readers into a frightening vision of small town America. Conspiracy was layered upon conspiracy and nothing was what it seemed. Killer Move is set in the Florida beach resort of[…]

Interview: Amanda Kyle Williams


Not long ago we brought you a review of Stranger in the Room, the second Keye Street novel by Amanda Kyle Williams. Set in the US state of Georgia, it’s fast, dark and populated by strongly written characters you’ll really end up caring about. The first book in the series, The Stranger You Seek, was[…]

The crime fiction time tunnel


On the Radar – With the clocks going back an hour this weekend in the UK, our new books column is going into a time warp with a historical crime tail-spin. We have a case of murder most foul in a sleepy 21st century English village, before we slowly wind back the hands of time[…]

Dinner with Val McDermid


Porcini Restaurant in West Dulwich, London, will be the setting when Val McDermid sits down to dinner with a room full of crime fiction loving guests on Thursday 15 November. Hosted by Dulwich Books, the woman dubbed the Queen of Crime will be discussing her latest book, The Vanishing Point. She’ll also be answering questions[…]

Death on the Pont Noir


Written by Adrian Magson — December 1963. A few short weeks since Kennedy was shot in Dallas and, in France, De Gaulle is no stranger to assassination attempts either. When the president’s chief bodyguard shows up at the Amiens police headquarters, Inspector Lucas Rocco finds himself lumbered with a hush-hush mission he did not ask[…]

Martin Beck on BBC Radio 4


A few days ago we told you about how Modesty Blaise is returning to the airwaves thanks to a BBC serialisation of A Taste For Death. Well, there’s a treat on the way for lovers of Scandinavian crime fiction too – Radio 4 is running a 10-episode adaptation of the Martin Beck novels by Maj[…]

Richmond turns to crime


If you’re a crime fiction lover and live in south west London or can easily get there, it might be worth putting 1 November into your diary. The opening evening of the Richmond Literature Festival this year will be dedicated to the genre, with a panel featuring the authors DJ Taylor, Gordon Ferris and Elena[…]

Seconds Away


Written by Harlan Coben — I have it on good authority that most of today’s young adult fiction is about vampires, zombies or wizards, or fits into a category called ‘urban fantasy’. Thankfully, Seconds Away features none of these – and doesn’t comply with the latter description either. Adult fans of Harlan Coben will already[…]