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Written by Tania Carver — How would you react if your child was snatched away and held hostage? You’d probably do whatever the kidnapper asked, right? That’s the dilemma facing Marina Esposito when her daughter is taken captive. A good enough starting point for a thriller, you may say. But little Josephina’s kidnap is just[…]

Dark Room


Written by Steve Mosby — In a northern UK city a serial killer is selecting victims seemingly at random, and butchering them with a hammer. As the death toll mounts, Detectives Andy Hicks and Laura Fellowes are confronted with ruined faces, ruined lives and no clues, save the tantalising anonymous letters sent to Hicks by[…]

Actor John Gordon Sinclair turns to crime


On the Radar – In this week’s new books report, it’s a case of something old and something very new. The actor-turned-crime writer John Gordon Sinclair – he played Gregory in the film Gregory’s Girl – unveils his debut novel. In addition, we’ve got books that take you from modern day Alabama to 19th century[…]

WIN! Lady of The Shades by Darren Shan


Although he’s best known for his young adult horror/fantasy books such as those in the Cirque du Freak and Demonata series, Irish author Darren Shan also enjoys writing crime fiction. His latest, Lady of The Shades, has a strong crime fiction flavour to it, and it comes out today. The main character, Ed Sieveking, is[…]

Detroit Breakdown


Written by DE Johnson – Detroit Breakdown is DE Johnson’s third historical mystery sent in Detroit during the beginning of the 20th century. Like its predecessors, The Detroit Electric Scheme and Motor City Shakedown, Detroit Breakdown follows the adventures of Will Anderson and Elizabeth Hume. The author vividly recreates historical Detroit, and is no less[…]

Frank’s Wild Years


Written by Nick Triplow — Frank Neaves is a barfly. He is pretty much down-and-out in the London postcode SE8, and the centre of his known world is the public bar of the John Evelyn pub in Deptford. When he’s in funds he can nurse a pint like a long-distance expert but when he has[…]

The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility


Written by Ken Leek – Despite its clunky title, The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility has a certain raw appeal. Punk rocker Ken Leek delivers a loosely connected bundle of transgressive tales centred on fictional runaway Mike Hollister and Hollister’s experiences with drugs and drug dealers. The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility plumbs[…]

Pulp Ink 2


Edited by Nigel Bird and Chris Rhatigan – Pulp fiction (as a genre, not the movie) is intimately linked with the development of crime fiction, especially American crime fiction, over the past century. Dashiell Hammett, Horace McCoy, Raymond Chandler, Paul Cain and others pecked out stories for Black Mask and other pulp magazines for the[…]

Frame Up


Written by James Phoenix – If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it’s a shame Robert B Parker is no longer around. If he was, he’d be mighty flattered by recent crime fiction. Ace Atkins recently took over the Spenser series, and Atkins’ Lullaby was a loving pastiche. Now debut author James Phoenix is[…]

Lady of the Shades


Written by Darren Shan — You’ve got to take your hat off to Darren Shan. His horror/fantasy books for teens are getting boys to read books, even in this age of Xbox, Facebook and Lethal Bizzle. Lady of the Shades, however, is a crime story with a hint of the supernatural that’s aimed at adults[…]

Look who’s writing for us IX

Yes, folks, you can now refer to the Crime Fiction Lover team as the dirty dozen. With our new signing MyBookishWays we have 12 active contributors. Although, we like to think of ourselves as a ‘bloodstained’ dozen more than ‘dirty’. MyBookishWays is the nom-de-website of Kristin Centorcelli and she already runs the huge and successful[…]

From Russia with Crime Fiction Lover


With Tolstoy’s classic novel Anna Karenina set to grace cinema screens from 7 September, we thought it might be apt to take a look at crime fiction with a Russian accent. If we asked you to list several Russian crime writers, we’re pretty sure that Boris Akunin would appear somewhere on that list. His Fandorin[…]


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