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A Somerset Sniper, a missing publican and death in a mine


Our new books radar this week brings a tale of two continents.  Having spent last week in the US, some home grown talent steps up to the plate.  We start in Bath with a cop killer, then head to the smoke for a missing person’s case and a hospital break-out, before travelling back across the[…]

Or the Bull Kills You


Written by Jason Webster — If you want a break from all icy stone settings of the Scandinavian novels that are so popular at the moment, how about a trip to the hot and fiesty city of Valencia in southern Spain? Or the Bull Kills You introduces the cynical and somewhat morose Max Cámara, a[…]

Available Dark


Written by Elizabeth Hand — This is the second Cass Neary thriller, following on from Generation Loss. Not having read that book didn’t prevent me in any way from enjoying this latest one. Cass Neary exists on the edge of society. She received critical acclaim for her book of photography Dead Girls early on in[…]

Tumblin’ Dice


Written by John McFetridge — In music, I like bands and singers who explore not only different themes and styles, but also try different sounds and voices. Same with writers. As some of them will tell you, everything has been said already, you just need to take a new approach, keep things fresh, and tell[…]

Top 10: Your favourite crime books


It’s always interesting to see which books are doing well in the charts. Amazon has its charts and the publishing industry has regular sales updates. Here at Crime Fiction Lover we measure how popular books are by using our website traffic figures and looking at which reviews people are visiting. Yes, we are running a[…]

A classic revisited: The Postman Always Rings Twice


This classic novel by James Cain is full of flawed people, violence, lurid sex, bad choices and doomed people. It’s one of the earliest examples of noir and a book that was both successful and notorious when it was published in 1934. Despite its age, The Postman Always Rings Twice still holds up and is[…]

Interview: Ian Ayris


This week marks the official release of the astounding debut novel Abide With Me by Ian Ayris. We reviewed it a little while ago, but to celebrate its release publisher Caffeine Nights has reduced the price of the book to just 77p on Kindle. So, I decided to catch up with London author Ian Ayris[…]

An MMA fighter, a mafia frat house, and a small town murder mystery

Deans List

The books on our radar this week take us across the pond for something of an American road trip which includes a sports mystery and a dodgy college fraternity, before heading down to Virginia for a small town murder. We round things off with some secrets and lies that are bound to have explosive consequences[…]



Written by James Sallis — This is the sequel to Drive and follows hot on the heels of the movie adaptation of that 2005 book, which was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starred Ryan Gosling. Both a tribute to 80s heist movies such as LA Takedown and an ultra-cool urban Western, it was my[…]

Mickey Spillane and the lost Hammer novel


In May 2012, Titan Books are set to release a book that should have Mickey Spillane fans queuing around the block. Lady, Go Die was originally intended to be the second Mike Hammer novel after I, The Jury, but due to a twist of fate it was never actually finished. Nearly 70 years have passed and[…]

The Thief


Written by Fuminori Nakamura —The Kenzaburō Ōe Prize is regarded as one of Japan’s most prestigious literary awards, even though it has only been around since 2006. The winner doesn’t get a cash prize, rather the honour of having their novel translated into other languages. In 2010, Nakamura was the recipient of the award for[…]

Interview: Paul D Brazill


A day or two ago Paul D Brazill’s latest collection of short stories, Snapshots, arrived. This will be no surprise to many followers of the short crime and flash fiction scene. The author’s gritty tales, scrawled in blood, puke and God knows what else, have been catching the imagination of those who enjoy the darkest[…]


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