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A Medal for Murder


Written by Frances Brody — Following on from her success with the Braithwaite case in Dying in the Wool, private investigator Kate Shackleton and her assistant Jim Sykes take on a robbery case for a pawn broker. The duo are charged with personally informing the broker’s clients that their pledges have been stolen and suitable[…]

Interview: crime book legend Lawrence Block


A name synonymous with crime fiction, Lawrence Block has been writing novels for over 50 years. Known for his Matthew Scudder, Keller, and Bernie Rhodenbarr series, Block is a multi award winning writer, read the world over. His new novel sees him return to a persona not seen in a while. Getting Off is Block writing as[…]

Never Apologise, Never Explain


Written by James Craig — Here we have the second novel staring Inspector John Carlyle, a serious crimes detective based at Charing Cross Police Station in central London. Although I haven’t managed to read it yet, the first in the series was reviewed here. It cleverly re-invents certain real life events providing inspiration for a[…]

Abide With Me


Written by Ian Ayris – The debut novel from Ian Ayris, a well known writer in online circles, Abide With Me will surely ensure that this author becomes well-known to a much wider audience, such is the quality of the book. Beginning in 1975, Abide With Me is the story of eight-year-old John, and his life growing[…]

The Memories Book Project


Forgive me for drifting from the theme of crime fiction, but I want to let you all know about a charity project I’ve spent two years working on. Memories is a book in which 12 different people talk about their experiences with cancer, and we’re selling copies to raise money for the charity Maggie’s Cancer[…]

Budapest Noir


Written by Vilmos Kondor – October 1936, Hungarian prime minister Gyula Gӧmbӧs has just died while receiving medical treatment in Germany. Kondor’s debut novel opens with news of Gӧmbӧs’ death filtering through Budapest. This is the first in a series of stories featuring crime journalist, Zsigmond Gordon, which was originally published in Hungarian in 2008[…]

Free Zach Fortier crime eBooks & more


Just a quick update here to let you know about two free crime eBooks you can get your hands on, as well as a short story. First up, for the next few days, you can get both of Zach Fortier’s hardboiled crime books free from Amazon. Curb Chek was his first, and it was followed[…]

The Pleasures of Men


Written by Kate Williams – London’s East End in 1840 is the setting for historian Kate Williams’ crime fiction debut, and a killer nicknamed the Man of Crows is striking terror into the hearts of those inhabiting some of the poorest streets in the capital. A series of brutal murders has occurred. Each of the[…]

Stolen Souls


Written by Stuart Neville — I have to admit to being a little in awe of Stuart Neville. His 2009 debut The Twelve, a nuanced and powerfully written novel about The Troubles, was lauded by critics and readers alike. The follow-up Collusion was if anything more harrowing, a modern revenge tragedy, ambitious in scope and[…]

Hope Road


Written by John Barlow — This review is by t-dot — During the course of reading Hope Road – John Barlow’s debut crime novel, though not his fiction debut – I felt it necessary to stop, take a break and begin again. I had charged through the first quarter of the novel, grappling with Barlow’s[…]

The Constant Lovers


Written by Chris Nickson — Alongside the current popularity of period drama, there seems to be a growing interest in historical crime fiction. Certainly plenty of books imagining various crime stories of the past are being published. The Constant Lovers is the latest in the Richard Nottingham series by Chris Nickson, and it’s set in[…]

The Piccadilly Plot


Written by Susanna Gregory — It’s the autumn of 1664, Charles II has been on the throne for four years and London is busy enjoying the Restoration, but behind the façade of sumptuous buildings and jollity, the rats are gathering and plots are being hatched, which can only mean that a period of darkness is[…]