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Off the Record

Crime Fiction Lover’s own Luca Veste – aka Guilty Conscience – has edited a brand new book for charity called Off the Record. Inside you’ll find 38 short stories by crime writers including Neil White, Heath Lowrance, Chris Rhatigan, Paul D Brazill, McDroll and Julie Morrigan. Each carries the title of a famous song so,[…]

NTN: Where the Devil Can’t Go

Where the devil cant go

Writtn by Anya Lipska — Where the Devil Can’t Go parallels the stories of two lead characters. Polish immigrant Janusz Kiszka builder-cum-PI has been a resident of London since the 1980s, long before the more recent economic exodus of Poles. Meanwhile rookie detective DC Natalie Kershaw is keen to earn her stripes and nail her[…]

NTN: The Office of Lost and Found


Written by Vincent Holland-Keen — Coming in at over 500 pages, The Office of Lost and Found is a novel unlike anything you are likely to read this year. Probably next year as well. It’s staggeringly different to anything else I’ve read since picking up a copy of a Douglas Adams book when I was a[…]

NTN: Women to watch in 2012


If we mentioned the authors Val McDermid, Karin Slaughter and Ellis Peters, you’d probably be able to name several of their books. But here at Crime Fiction Lover, we’re also keen to introduce you to up-and-coming female writers we think you might enjoy. Here are just a few of the names we think you should[…]

The Killing: the book


Have you been watching series two of The Killing on BBC4? Maybe you saw the first Danish series which took place in Copenhagen, or the American adaptation set in Seattle? With a plot revolving around a missing teenage girl, how her Muslim schoolteacher is suspected of killing her, and how all of this is intertwined[…]

Thrillers4U competition

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a sleuth, or a puzzle-solver at least, head over to the website Thrillers4U where they’re holding a wordy competition to win books by a range of authors. Each day this week a new question will be released based on a book they’ve featured on their site. You[…]

NTN: The Woman in Black


Written by Kerry Wilkinson — The Woman in Black is the third, and latest, Jessica Daniel book. It follows Locked In and Vigilante which, until very recently, occupied the top two positions in the Crime, Thriller & Mystery section of Amazon’s Kindle bookstore, and have been in the top 10 for a long time. New[…]

Ask the Dice


Written by Ed Lynskey — Ask the Dice feels like a classic hardboiled crime novel. The dialogue, the narration and the characters are all throwbacks to the hallmarks of the genre. However, the story takes unique turns and creates characters with unique quirks, personalities and motivations that take the story in different directions than one[…]

NTN: Anya Lipska interviewed


New author Anya Lipska is a TV producer and scriptwriter for well-respected documentary series such as the BBC’s Panorama, and Dispatches on Channel 4. Based in London, her first book Where the Devil Can’t Go is a detective mystery and political thriller drawing on her first hand experiences of the lives of Polish immigrants in[…]

The Chosen


Written by Arlene Hunt — Having written several books set in Ireland, this is the first time Arlene Hunt has located a story in the US, and here she takes on the serial killer sub-genre with some aplomb. Jessie Conway, a high school teacher, is thrust into the nightmare of a high school shooting. Proclaimed[…]

NTN: We interview Chad Rohrbacher


I first noticed Chad Rohrbacher from his story Soliloquy and Whatnot over at Flash Fiction Offensive. It was a marvelous mix of punishing crime fiction and dark humour wrapped up in an easy conversational style. I’ve read other shorts he’s written, and his work appears in The Lost Children, the anthology released for charity earlier[…]

NTN: Canada’s hot new crime authors, eh


The Great White North is not unlike Scandinavia. The nights are long. The winters are long. And the landscapes vary from grey stretches of urban concrete to northern vistas broken by outcroppings of granite, frozen swamps and vast forests. The cold and isolation can send the mind awry, and there are undoubtedly places to hide[…]